[Vita/PSTV] The psp2fwtool firmware manager for Vita and PSTV becomes a public project – News and current affairs posted on LS

The developer SKGlebawhich we know well for all of these projects on the PlayStation Vita with contributions to Enso Ex, VitaDeploy, Psp2renga, iTLS, psp2hfw or even Psp2spl, informs us that its firmware manager psp2fwtool for PlayStation Vita and PSTV is now a public project.

It's fascinating to see how the project psp2fwtool has evolved over time! Originally created in 2019 alongside Modoru 2.0, it was designed to bypass restrictions imposed by PlayStation when they patched the original cryptographic coprocessor exploit. Back then, it was a simple click for PlayStation.


However, psp2fwtool continued to develop and improve. It added many more features, giving PlayStation Vita and PSTV users a more powerful and versatile tool. It's a great example of the passion and ingenuity of developers in the homebrew community like everything SKGleba does.

psp2fwtool integrates complete features although some are still in the testing phase, it is secure enough to be accessible to the public. This tool is very powerful, and requires advanced knowledge of the Vita system as well as complete documentation to use it correctly. The developer hopes to finish this complete documentation by this summer.

Here is some additional information about this project:

Firmware Picture : This is a container for EMMC partition images, firmware updates and the enso exploit.


NPUP : It is a PUP compliant package containing the firmware image, a standalone installer of the firmware image (psp2swu.self) as well as additional partition patches.

Creating a firmware image :

Make sure you have gzip installed in your WSL environment.

Clone the psp2fwtool repository to your local computer and run the command '. build_all.sh' in WSL.

Copy all update components to the /create/ directory in the appropriate format.

Run the 'mkcfw_wingui.ps1' script in the /create/ directory to create the firmware image.

Installing the firmware image:

Make sure the 'Unsafe homebrew' option is enabled and no game cards are inserted.

Place the firmware image in 'ux0:data/fwtool/' under the name 'psp2cfw'.

The installer can update partitions with files found in 'ux0:data/fwtool/[part]-patch/' (for example, 'os0-patch/').

Open fwtool and select 'Flash a firmware image', then press [start].

Wait for the installation to finish with 'ALL DONE' or an error, then press [circle] to restart the device.

Installing an NPUP package :

Install it with modoru or neighborhood as you would a normal PUP.