Violence against women: in Montpellier, “the means of recourse are better and better identified by women victims of violence”

On the occasion of the International Day on November 25, the inventory shows that the figures are not weakening, but awareness is changing. Two feminicides are to be deplored in the Hérault in 2022.

In 2020, the Occitanie region was the second region most affected by domestic violence. In 2021, of the 147 homicides in France, three took place in Hérault. Where are we at this year?

There are no consolidated figures since the publication of the survey by the Ministry of the Interior is done at the end of the year. However, feminist collectives mention two feminicides on the department, which I regret…

How to explain these so bad figures?

In itself it is paradoxical. Because at the same time it is a department extremely affected by violence against women, with figures of feminicides completely alerting. But also a number of calls to 3919 (anonymous and free listening platform for victims of domestic violence, editor’s note), with a large number of calls. And that is the whole paradox. That means that indeed we have to be particularly concerned about this problem in the department, because we can clearly see that this scourge persists. But what may be encouraging, or at least encouraged, is the fact that the means of recourse are better and better identified by women victims of violence. And that this rise in calls is also the translation of communication and awareness campaigns. Society experiences this violence against women as intolerable. So there is a progression in mentalities, in ways of thinking.

An increase in calls which necessarily includes more care… The government has also announced the creation of new places for victims of domestic violence. What about in Hérault?

Indeed there have been creations of places regularly. We have already run two homes dedicated to welcoming female victims of violence, with psychologists and lawyers on site. There is the Amicale du Nid in Béziers and the Bouissonnade home in Montpellier. And apart from these reception capacities, you have places in structures which are signposted in priority for women victims of violence. So very concretely, there are 149 places dedicated to the reception of women victims of violence in the department. And we had an extension of the State system last year with 18 additional places. Which of course we would like to further strengthen, because the needs remain.

List of domestic violence services

Platform to help victims

– 3919: anonymous and free. 24 hours a day.
– Bouissonnade listening center: 04 67 58 07 03. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.
– Online reporting:
To exchange directly with police officers or gendarmes trained in gender-based and sexual violence and who can trigger any interventions. Anonymous and free. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Platform to help authors

– National number dedicated to prevention by listening to and guiding perpetrators of domestic violence: 08 01 90 19 11
– Via Voltaire Listening Center: 04 67 60 84 80
– Center for the care of perpetrators of violence (CPCA) Sud Occitanie: 06 44 93 00 46

Emergency numbers

17 (police and gendarmerie), 15 (Samu), 18 (fire brigade), 119 (children in danger), 115 (emergency accommodation)

And this is also why since 2021 in the Hérault department, we have put in place a strategy on the increased consideration of the perpetrators of violence.

Yes, with in particular apartments dedicated to the eviction of these authors.

That’s it, there are two places in Montpellier and one in Béziers. But for all that, the 115 also houses perpetrators of domestic violence. There these three places, it is really a tight device with Justice, to place the authors before the pronouncement of the judgment. The first instinct is that the perpetrator of the violence must come out. Because it is not without consequence the fact of sheltering a victim and his children in particular on the schooling, the living environment… Then that makes it possible to place the author under judicial control and thus, to think that the recurrence will be less.

And are there reinforcements planned on the other systems put in place by the State to reduce these cases of violence?

On the department, the figures are extremely important on all levels but at the same time we also have devices that are out of the ordinary. For example, we have 10 interprofessional and interinstitutional networks that mesh the department. So it’s doctors, lawyers, police, social medical workers who meet and seek to improve practices, knowledge. And that is typical of the Hérault department.

But we also pay particular attention to rural areas, with training actions for youth actors. Because what we have seen are phenomena of violence in the first emotional and sexual relationships of young people with the romanization of jealousy, cyber violence. There is a rise in these demonstrations and violent reports from a very young age. So we have set up with the CIDFF and family planning, training for these actors to raise awareness among young people on issues of gender-based violence, stereotypes and relationships within the couple. It’s a whole job of deconstructing these mentalities. That fewer cases go through corrections and that solutions be found at the source of the problem.

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