ViewSonic develops projectors for Xbox

The X1-4K and X2-4K models are capable of 4K resolution, up to 240Hz refresh rate and 4.2ms input lag. The device was also equipped with a powerful speaker system and eye protection technology.

Externally, both models are the same and are stylized as the Xbox console – a black body with green accents. Most of the specs are also the same: 3840×2160 resolution with HDR support, ViewSonic Cinema SuperColor+ that supports 125% color space and 2900 lumens of brightness. According to the manufacturer, the life of the projector is 30,000 hours.

The X1-4K is ceiling mounted and projects a 150-inch image at a distance of 4.98 meters. The X2-4K delivers a 120-inch image, 2.2 meters from the wall to the device, and can be placed on a coffee table. For the ultimate gaming experience, the input lag is 4.2ms and the refresh rate is 240Hz, but only at 1080p. Indicators for 4K-image manufacturer is silent. The novelty was equipped with a full-fledged speaker system from Harman Cardon.

For eye strain during long gaming sessions, the projectors are TÜV certified to reduce blue light. Among other things, there is support for CEC – the projector turns on simultaneously with the console and vice versa, and also supports the game mode function. Among the available connections are two HDMI 2.0, USB-C, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The control is carried out using a Bluetooth-remote with backlight.

The new X Series LED projectors will go on sale in the second quarter of 2023. Prices for the models are currently unknown.