Video shows gameplay from the Black Hawk Down campaign

“Delta Force: Hawk Ops” is shown in a video that takes players to Mogadishu before the PC Alpha starts in July.

It has been some time since news to the “Delta Force” series. Even though the series has existed since 1998, the last part was released in 2009. Now a new trailer has caused a stir. It shows excerpts from the Black Hawk Down campaign. This takes players back to 1993, where they take part in real-life military operations as elite Delta Force operators.


Team Jade, the developers of Delta Force: Hawk Ops, are committed to a player-first philosophy. According to the game director, the team is passionate about the Delta Force franchise and strives to deliver a tactical FPS that will appeal to both long-standing fans and newcomers. The game uses the Unreal Engine to provide realistic graphics and dynamic game environments.

Two different time periods in Delta Force: Hawk Ops

In addition to the aforementioned Black Hawk Down campaign, Delta Force: Hawk Ops offers a variety of single and multiplayer modes. The game spans two time periods: 1993 and 2035. The 2035 scenarios take players on futuristic missions with advanced combat technologies and strategic team-based operations.

The modern sections of the game present players with new challenges, along with the use of new combat gadgets. Of course, there are no real missions as a template here. Players take on the role of an elite member of the GTI, a peacekeeping force founded by former Delta operators. A mission in the mysterious region of Ahsarah and an investigation into the illegal activities of the Haavk Corporation are on the agenda.

The developers emphasize the importance of community feedback when designing the game. They strive to listen to players and make necessary adjustments to improve the overall experience. This player-centric approach ensures that Delta Force: Hawk Ops evolves in accordance with the needs and preferences of the community.


Hawk Ops becomes free-to-play

As a free-to-play title, Delta Force: Hawk Ops aims to be accessible to a wide audience. The game will include in-game purchases for cosmetic items, but the core gameplay and essential content will remain free for all players. According to the developer, pay-to-win mechanics will be avoided wherever possible.

An exact release date for the PS5 version has not yet been announced, but the closed beta on PC is planned for later this year. The final release is expected in 2025. If you want, you can already get the game from Steam add to wish list.

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