Valve announces new title with release period

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Von: Peer Schmidt

Counter-Strike 2 will be released in summer 2023. After many rumors and speculations, Valve has announced the title for the Source 2 engine.

Hamburg – Counter-Strike 2 was announced through a series of YouTube videos showing some of the big changes in the game, from the new world to smoke and grenade updates to updated maps. Valve has now released a tweet confirming that all much of the information is indeed true and that the game is set to be released in summer 2023.

Title Name: Counter-Strike 2
Developer: Valve Corporation, Nexon Corporation
Publisher: Valve Corporation, Nexon Corporation, Germania Digital, Tiancity
Serie: Counter-Strike
Genre: Ego-Shooter
Release-Termin: Sommer 2023

Counter-Strike 2: New maps, new engine and interesting smoke concept

One of the biggest changes is to smoke and how it works. Valve explains in a Twitter post that smoke can now react to game influences. The smoke reacts, for example, to shelling or grenade explosions. Also, the in-game environment will affect how the smoke will spread. This will greatly change the way Counter-Strike is played. What’s new is that the smoke technically consists of 3D cubes with volumes that can interact with the game world.

Valve also revealed that some maps for Counter-Strike 2 have been completely rebuilt, while others will only benefit from new features such as improved lighting and will otherwise remain unchanged. Classics like Mirage just seem to be ported to the new engine with no changes, while others like Nuke have been shown off with stunning new lighting effects. Even old favorites like Overpass have been completely revised. Valve also announced that new tools will be made available to the community to help fans co-develop.

Counter-Strike 2: Update is intended to bring Counter-Strike to the Source 2 engine

It has also been confirmed that tick rates on servers have been completely removed, with sub-tick updates removing the need for servers to only be updated at specific intervals. While this will no doubt have a massive impact on premium server services, it will be a welcome update for those who only play the base game and don’t use external providers. All skins from CS:GO are carried over to Counter-Strike 2, benefiting from the engine’s improved lighting effects.

The update will mainly focus on bringing Counter-Strike to the updated Source 2 engine. Originally developed in the original Source engine, the update to Source 2 is long overdue. Rumors about this update have been circulating for years. Even Dota 2 was updated to Source-2 by Valve back in 2015.

Switch to Source 2 engine raises hopes for Counter-Strike 2

The move to the new engine brings with it a lot of behind-the-scenes changes that should make further development much easier and hopefully improve the overall performance of the game. However, the update could also ensure that more resources are required. However, it is not yet known which system requirements are recommended.

Counter Strike 2 was announced by Valve © Valve

Many will certainly have to wait a little longer before they can finally play Counter-Strike 2. However, a small part can make it into the Counter-Strike 2 test and try it out beforehand. With Counter-Strike 2, Valve’s successful shooter will certainly be prepared for the next 10 years.