V Rising: Locate iron ore and smelt it into iron ingots in the furnace

Iron ore is a rare resource in V Rising, but it is essential if you want to carry more powerful weapons or build the castle throne. In this guide we will tell you the best place to find iron ore and give you tips so that you can survive mining in this dangerous area unscathed.

Find iron ore

At the latest with the quest “Throne of Command” you will need iron ore to produce iron ingots and ultimately be able to build the castle throne. But you also need iron to produce other buildings, such as the blacksmith shop or the prison cells. Last but not least, iron is necessary if you want to forge stronger weapons.


Have you already been on a lengthy search for iron ore and couldn't find any? No wonder, because the resource cannot be seen in the starting area (the Farbane Forest). Instead, you have to Dunley Farmland north of Farbane Forest.

Here you might occasionally come across some ore on the side of the road, but a real gold or rather iron mine is located in the middle of the map. The Haunted iron mine has so much iron ore to offer that you can fill all your inventory slots with it.

However, you should only go there if you at least equipment level 36 have achieved. You can't mine the iron beforehand. You should also have a club with you to speed up the dismantling. You could come across two extremely dangerous bosses in the mine: Meredith the bright archer (Level 52) and Undead Commander (Level 49).

This is exactly why you should always keep moving in the mine. On top of that, glowing green ravines spew dangerous acid and you are only briefly informed of the area. If the bosses get too close to you, stop using iron ore and continue mining elsewhere. The mine's rails lead you in circles, which is why you can always avoid danger.


Making iron ingots

You can use the iron ore you collect in the smelting furnace. This is located in the construction menu under “Production > Refinement” and costs you 480 Seine and 60 copper ore at the standard settings. Simply throw the ore in and the production of ingots will begin automatically.

The castle throne found under “Domination” costs you 24 stone bricks, 16 iron ingots and 4 improved blood essence. This allows you to send your servants to hunt for resources.

You can make more powerful weapons in the forge, which you only unlock when you Defeated Quincey the Bandit King (level 37). and extracted his blood. 200 Blood Essence, 32 Iron Ingots and 16 Sulfur are required to produce the forge. More iron ingots are necessary to craft the new weapons. So you should use your visit to the iron mine to mine as much ore as possible.