uView Player Lite – Watching Picture-in-Picture

uView Player Lite - Watching Picture-in-Picture

Step 1

You can find uView Player Lite at www.idruf.com or directly to www.tiny.cc/uview. Double click on the exe file: the installation only takes a few mouse clicks. If necessary, you can also install the uView Player Extension on Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Handy, because now you can send a web video to the player with a right-click.


Step 2

2. As soon as you start uView Player, a window will appear that will remain in the foreground by default. This contains a bar in which you can (among other things) enter the URL of a streaming video. The tool supports a lot of streaming video services, as can be seen by pressing the arrow buttons: YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, Vimeo, Disney+ etc.


Step 3

You can of course type in a streaming URL manually in the text bar, but that is easier. Surf to the video page and copy the url to it Windows clipboard. Immediately after, uView Player’s mini-player takes over the video stream in a moveable and scalable window and you can close the browser window.


Step 4

This player has a bar from which you can mute, forward and rewind the video, but also view it in full screen. uView Player also plays local media including mp4, mkv, avi, wmv, mpeg, as well as all kinds of audio files. Click on the hamburger button and choose Open Media File. You will also find other setting options in this menu.




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