Utilize Windows smart clips to max

Clipboard is a feature that has been around in Windows since the beginning of time. Windows 1.0 already had the ability to cut and paste. Since version 1809 of Windows 10, there is also the clipboard history feature, which displays a list of items that have been copied to the clipboard over time and allows reuse.

The clipboard history is a storage of all data that you have copied to the clipboard. This includes texts in various formats, images, web clips and more. In Windows 10, the clipping history is disabled by default. But the feature can be really useful.

For example, you can copy multiple items and paste them wherever you want. You can attach items that you use over and over again. In this way, the object is stored in the clipboard and can be used as often as you want without having to copy it again. If you wish, you can also synchronize clippings across multiple devices wherever you sign in with your Microsoft account.

We cover how to take your clipping experience to the next level by enabling and using clipping management in Windows 10.

1 Activate

click Startselect Settings and then Clipping. Set the slider below Clipboard history in position On.


2. Clipboard

Now you get access to your stored clipboards with the key combination Windows + V. Click on the desired clip to paste it again. Click the three dots next to a clip to attach it or remove it.


3. Sync

To synchronize between all your devices, go back to the settings and set the slider Sync on all devices in position On. Below you will find some choices for how the synchronization should go.


4. Clear

A little further down in the settings you will find the option to clear all clipping data. You can also do this by clicking on the three points in the clipping history.