US government sues Google for abuse of dominant position

This is the beginning of a procedure that could have serious repercussions on the online advertising market. The Department of Justice is attacking the American firm, a complaint which aims to force Google to sell its suite of advertising tools.

A major legal battle is looming: according to the American press, the United States Department of Justice has just launched legal proceedings against Google, the undisputed leader in online advertising. This complaint, initiated by the Biden administration and to which eight states have joined, aims to prove that the American giant has abused its dominant position in advertising technologies to extinguish all competition.

The complaint, describes, according to the New York Times, a company of “ bribing legitimate competition in the ad-tech industry by engaging in a systematic campaign to take control of the wide range of high-tech tools used by publishers, advertisers and brokers, to facilitate digital advertising “.

Objective of the Department of Justice? Put an end to practices deemed anti-competitive, which includes forcing Google to part with its suite of advertising services. Which would be an earthquake, given that these tools are the source of the vast majority of the firm’s income.

This isn’t the first time the Justice Department has taken on Google. Already in 2020, under the Trump administration, Google had been attacked for abuse of a dominant position, this time in the Internet search market. A case that has not yet been brought to court.

Source :

The New York Times