Update for Inkscape 1.3.1: A Vector Graphics Editor

Available free vector graphics editor update Inkscape 1.3.1. The editor provides flexible drawing tools and provides support for reading and saving images in SVG, OpenDocument Drawing, DXF, WMF, EMF, sk1, PDF, EPS, PostScript and PNG formats. Ready-made Inkscape builds prepared for Linux (AppImage, Snap, Flatpack), macOS and Windows.

The release marks the 20th anniversary of the project and includes more than 70 fixes, of which about 30 caused crashes or hangs, mainly when importing PDF files and applying dynamic path effects (LPE). Among new opportunities:


  • Added support for disabling snapping to grid lines while maintaining snapping to grid line intersections.
  • A function has been implemented to separate text into individual letters while maintaining the spacing between characters.
  • The Shape Builder tool ensures the creation of the required number of nodes.
  • In the “Layers” dialog, the ability to activate a layer without going to the layer by double-clicking on the canvas has been added. Automatic expansion of layers when activating them is disabled. Improved behavior when moving and deleting layers.
  • Right-clicking now only applies changes to the selected object, rather than to the entire group that the selected object is in.
  • In the “Page” tool, the problem with blocking editing of the size field has been resolved.
  • Improved visibility handling when using dark colors on the desktop.
  • Improved conversion of text objects to paths.
  • Resolved problems with importing certain types of PDF files that could not be opened in Inkscape 1.3.0.
  • Added the ability to search for English terms related to dynamic contour effects when selecting a localized version of the interface.
  • macOS and many Linux distributions provide the ability to use dithering in gradients to simulate colors by mixing colors available in the palette.

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