Update 1.005.002 patch notes from December 2nd

| 2:45 p.m

Baldur's Gate 3 PS5 Release


Larian Studios released update 1,005,002 for Baldur’s Gate 3 today, Saturday morning, benefiting both PC and console players. This hotfix follows the massive Patch 5, which was released on November 30th and brought a variety of improvements and new features to the game.

BG3 Update 1,005,002 Details

While the official details of Update 1.005.002 are still pending, reports from the gaming community, particularly from Reddit users, suggest that this update is primarily intended to address stability issues. Some players on PS5 reported crashing issues that have occurred since Patch 5 was introduced. This hotfix could therefore be an answer to these problems and further optimize the gaming experience on the Sony console.

Extensive optimizations and innovations in Patch 5

Patch 5 itself was a significant update to the game and demonstrated Larian Studios’ commitment to continually improving Baldur’s Gate 3. Among the standout features of this update were significant performance improvements, such as optimized detail levels for various game assets and improved VRAM usage. The patch also expanded the gaming experience with improved inventory access, allowing players to manage the inventory of all companions from a central interface.


Another highlight of Patch 5 was the introduction of a new playable epilogue, giving players a deeper immersion and emotional conclusion to the game. This section took place six months after the game’s main events and gave players the opportunity to say goodbye to their companions, with an impressive 3,589 lines of new text as well as new cinematics and characters.

New game modes in Patch 5 expand gaming experience

Additionally, Patch 5 brought two new game modes: Honor Mode and Custom Mode. Honor Mode increased the challenge by introducing new customizations for all boss fights in the game and a new system for legendary actions. Custom Mode offered players more flexibility to personalize their experience, including the ability to hide certain gameplay aspects such as opponents’ HP in battle.

While the gaming community eagerly awaits further details on Update 1.005.002, Larian Studios remains committed to continually improving the gaming experience and responding to community feedback. This latest hotfix is ​​another sign of the studio’s commitment to making Baldur’s Gate 3 one of the most outstanding RPG experiences on the market.

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