Unveiling the Exciting games coming to Game Pass in April: Tomb Raider and Legos!

Game news Tomb Raider and Legos? The Game Pass will delight us in April!


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Over time, Xbox Game Pass continues to expand. As at the start of each month, new games are included in the catalog accessible to all subscribers. This time, you will be able to enjoy a Tomb Raider game and even a LEGO branded game.


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An offering that continues to expand

If PlayStation's on-demand games service isn't bad either, it must be admitted that the Xbox Game Pass has some serious arguments for Microsoft console players or PC players. Since it was first put into service, the catalog offered to subscribers has continued to expand, sometimes adding a few gems on the very day of their release. It's simple, the Redmond firm has clearly chosen to bet everything on the development of this service, and they don't plan to stop anytime soon.

For several days now, it has been possible, for example, to play Diablo IV through Xbox Game Pass. The first Blizzard game to join this catalog, it should soon be joined by other titles from Activision-Blizzard studios such as Call of Duty or World of Warcraft. Soon, subscribers to this service will also be able to discover at no additional cost some of the most anticipated titles of the year such as Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle Or Avowedand this from the first day of their official release. In addition to these already very interesting advantages, Xbox Game Pass also allows you to play streaming on a web browser, on a smartphone or on tablets thanks to the Xbox Cloud Gaming. Soon, it should also be possible to play all the games in your Xbox library in the cloud, whether they are available in Game Pass or not. But if there is one thing that attracts players every month, it is the addition of new games to the catalog.

Tomb Raider and Legos in April on Game Pass

As is often the case with subscription services (whether video games or SVOD for example), Microsoft takes advantage of the start of each month to announce the next arrivals in the Game Pass catalog. At the beginning of April, the Redmond firm finally revealed its roadmap, and suffice to say that there will be some very good stuff this month.

Among the new features expected in Game Pass in April, we note for example the arrival of Shadow of the Tomb Raiderthe final opus of the reboot trilogy initiated in 2013. Originally released in 2018, this third episode will be available from April 11 on the on-demand games service in its version “Definitive Edition”. Thus, you will be able to discover the conclusion of this story of Lara Croft while enjoying some additional additions such as the seven additional tombs, some bonus weapons, new skills and new outfits. If you haven't yet played this trilogy, know that the second episode is still available on Xbox Game Pass.

Tomb Raider and Legos? The Game Pass will delight us in April!Tomb Raider and Legos? The Game Pass will delight us in April!

The other big addition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog for the month of April is of course the racing game LEGO 2K Drive. Since the April 3, subscribers to Microsoft's service will finally be able to enjoy the title released almost a year ago now. As a reminder, this is an open-world racing game that sends the player into the world of Bricklandia where you can build your own cars and other racing vehicles before putting them to the test to win the Sky Trophy.

Of course, these two games are not the only ones joining Game Pass in April. Below, find the complete list of 7 new games available in the Microsoft service this month:

Tomb Raider and Legos? The Game Pass will delight us in April!

Finally, note that as is often the case, these additions are also accompanied by some departures. From April 15, the games Amnesia Collection, Amnesia: Rebirth, Back 4 Blood, Phantom Abyss, Research and Destroy and Soma will no longer be available in the Game Pass catalog.

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