Unlocking Potential: How to Evolve Future Stars Cards to Meta Cards in EA FC 24

You are probably aware that at the moment we are in the middle of the Future Stars promotion on EA Sports FC 24 and to celebrate this, EA Games is offering you the opportunity to evolve up to 4 cards for free, transforming ordinary players into meta players!

Before launching into the choice of cards, let’s go back to the basics, how to recover the players who are compatible with these developments in EA Sports FC 24. Because yes, you won’t be able to put just any player from your collection in these.


To acquire them, go to the store. In the first pack you will get attacking Future Star players with an overall rating of 82, and in the second you will get other Future Stars players, this time defenders, also at 82 overall rating.

Then simply go to the evolutions and you should find two copies of the one concerning the attackers and the one concerning the defenders. Each card obtaining 3 collective points when fully evolved. For the rest, we leave you with our advice below.

Which cards to choose for the Future Stars attacking evolution?

Let’s start by looking at the FS attacking evolution and there is a name that seems to come out quickly, that of Athenea. It must be said that the Real Madrid player has some very good statistics to show off, notably 93 speed, 91 shooting, 84 passing and 92 dribbling.

In addition, it is a double 5 star which is really interesting. She is clearly one, if not the best option, even more so when we know that she can play on both wings, which makes it at least an excellent option for your bench.


Two free FS evolutions on EA FC 24 to transform Future Stars cards into meta cards!

The other option that we are going to recommend to you is Noah Okafor, the Swiss striker from AC Milan who is not necessarily the biggest killer in front of goal with his 86 shots, but who remains a card that will allow you to overtake many defenders, if we look at his 98 speed combined with his racing Playstyles.

Furthermore, in the air sector, Okafor is a real danger. With his Playstyle Gold plus his 99 jump and his 96 strength, he has the potential to often catch opponents out in the box and therefore prove to be fatal in this area of play.

Two free FS evolutions on EA FC 24 to transform Future Stars cards into meta cards!

Which cards to choose for the FS defender evolution?

As for defenders, there is one card that seems to be unanimously unanimous, or almost, that of Geertruida. It must be said that the Feyenoord player already has an advantage, that of being a Swiss army knife. Indeed, he can play on the left wing in defense, as a central defender or in defensive midfielder.

In addition to his numerous positions, he is also impressive defensively with 88 defense and 87 physicality. But on top of that, he remains very fast for a defender with 87 speed and a rather good passer with 81 in this rating. This explains its popularity.

Two free FS evolutions on EA FC 24 to transform Future Stars cards into meta cards!

For the second player to evolve, there is already more debate. For our part, we opted for Kossounou which will clearly not be the card that will change your life, but which is still rather solid in terms of statistics and which also does not have any major flaws.

Others will prefer to go with Svava and its 5/4 stars, but this is not necessarily what we recommend. Very often in full-back positions, the female characters struggle physically and get pushed around.