Unlocking Adorable Pets in Diablo 4

The last big update of Diablo IV allows you to recover a companion. The base one is a dog, but you can unlock others by pre-ordering the expansion Vessel of Hatredexpected for the month of October.

Vessel of Hatredthe first expansion of Diablo 4, was treated to a dark and gory trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase 2024. In the process, Blizzard deployed update 1.4.2 for the base game. This adds a feature likely to constitute an argument for getting back into it: the arrival of pets.


Companions are not just a cosmetic addition in Diablo IV. If they do not attack enemies, they can automatically collect resources (gold coins, herbs, gem fragments, etc.). Thanks to them, you won't leave anything behind — as a bonus, they bring a little shower of sweetness to the depressive world of Diablo 4. Want to wander around Sanctuary with a cute dog by your side? There's not much you need to do to unlock it.

Pets in Diablo IV // Source: Capture PS5
To equip a pet in Diablo IV, go to the Locker Room // Source: PS5 Capture

How to unlock companions in Diablo IV ?

It will not be enough to launch Diablo IV to unlock the companionsn but it's just like. By restarting a game, you will — normally — be able to complete a small quest located in Kyovashad (the main city, which is located in the first region). This is a priority quest, titled “Faithful Companion”.

Pets in Diablo IV // Source: Capture PS5Pets in Diablo IV // Source: Capture PS5
The quest to unlock pets in Diablo IV. // Source: PS5 Capture

To complete it, you simply have to go to Kyovashad to pet the “well-behaved dog” there. Once this task is completed, the quest will be completed and you will have unlocked the companions.

For an animal to follow you like your shadow, it will be necessary to go to the Locker Room, more specifically to the “Families” tab. Here, you will have the opportunity to equip yourself with a dog named Asheara. Is it possible to ” pet the dog » ? Of course: by activating the “Hello” emote right next to the animal. Funny when you know that you shouldn't pet the dogs when you leave the game.


Pets in Diablo IV // Source: Capture PS5Pets in Diablo IV // Source: Capture PS5
What are pets used for in Diablo IV ? // Source: PS5 Capture

Blizzard offers three other pets: Alkor (snow leopard), Hralti (dog) and Nayalya (tiger). To get them, you have to pre-order Vessel of the Hatred, knowing that only the Ultimate version gives access to all three. Availability is, however, immediate, and there will be no need to wait until October 8, the release date of the DLC, to equip it.

Diablo IV // Source: PS5 CaptureDiablo IV // Source: PS5 Capture