Unlock the Tannery in V Rising to craft leather from animal hides

Already in the first few hours of playing V Rising you need leather in order to upgrade the castle heart or later to be able to create armor with the workbench. You can find out how to unlock the tannery and produce leather in this guide.

Unlock tannery

Before you can make leather, you must first unlock the tannery. To do this, you first need a Blood Altar. You can use the altar to smell the blood of V-bosses. Keely, the Frost Archer is the second V-Boss in the list and upon her death she grants you a new power, a new building and three new recipes. Select her to trace her blood.


Keely is an experienced one Level 20 archer, which attacks you with frost arrows. So before you set out to take them out and extract their blood, you should reach a slightly lower or, better yet, the same level of equipment.

Keely is in the Bandit Trapper Camp. This is east of Forgotten Cemetery and east of Farbane Forest. If you travel there, you should first focus your attention on the bandits in the camp, otherwise they will intervene in the fight with the Frost Archer and make your life difficult. Once Keely is defeated and her blood is extracted, all rewards will be unlocked automatically and you can return to the castle. The tannery is now ready for construction. You need 8 planks and 160 animal skins to build it.

Making leather with animal skin

If you want to produce leather after the tannery has been built, you will need even more animal skin. You can easily get animal skins by killing wild animals. No matter whether it's a deer, stag, wolf or bear: after their death, they are all guaranteed to leave behind animal skin that you just have to collect. The following applies: The higher the level of the animal you kill, the more animal skins you receive.

Look for wildlife on the roads or in the woods. In the Bear territory or the Wolf's den You're guaranteed to find what you're looking for south of the bandit copper mine.


In the standard settings you can with Make leather using 16 animal skins. A total of 20 pieces of leather are required for the entire Nightwreck armor, which you can craft in the basic workbench. But keep in mind that you will need more leather to upgrade your castle heart (12 pieces).