In Resident Evil 4 Remake, you can unlock infinite ammo when you find the Cat Ears accessory for Leon. You can find out how to get it and get unlimited ammo for all your weapons here.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Unlock cat ears

If you want infinite ammo, you’ll have to work really hard for it. Leon’s Cat Ears accessory has the trait “All weapons can be reloaded infinitely without consuming any ammo you own.”

If you want to unlock the cat ears, you must complete the main story in “Pro” mode with an S+ rank. This is pretty much the hardest challenge in the game where you have to keep the following things in mind:

  • You have to start a completely new game (playthrough 1) because Rank S+ not possible in New Game Plus is.
  • Accordingly, you start without your earned equipment from previous game runs and start from scratch.
  • You unlock the difficulty level “Professional” after you have completed the story on any difficulty level.
  • Pro is the highest difficulty. There are no automatic saving and only perfect parrying with the knife counts. All weapon upgrades are available from the start.
  • For rank S+ you have to play the game complete in under 5 hours 30 minutes and can only save 15 times.
  • You should first complete the other challenges and complete S+ rank on Veteran difficulty.
  • Doing so will unlock other handy perks. These include Ashley’s Armor (makes her invulnerable), the Chicken Head (Leon’s accessory that reduces physical damage), and the bonus weapons Chicago Sweeper and Handcannon.
  • You can use bonus weapons without restrictions, they do not exclude you from rank S+. From chapter 7 you can exchange a special upgrade ticket at the merchant to finally unlock ammo for one of the bonus weapons. This makes the rest of the gameplay a lot easier.

Get infinite ammo

Once you have completed the challenge, you can buy the cat ears in the bonus shop for 2,000 AP and then equip them for Leon via the “Extras” menu item. In the game you will then see the infinity symbol for ammunition for weapons and you will never have to worry about replenishment from now on. Like all accessories, you can use the cat ears in all your saved games without restrictions. They do not affect your ranking.

You can equip the cat ears in the extras menu under Leon's accessories (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
You can equip the cat ears in the extras menu under Leon’s accessories (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

At the following four guns the cat ears don’t work though:

  • Bolzenwerfer: Bolts are not automatically reloaded and must still be crafted.
  • rocket launcher: The rocket launchers, of which you can buy one each in the village, castle and on the island, are also consumed after one shot with cat ears. However, you can unlock an infinite rocket launcher as you progress through the game.
  • Tactical knife: The durability of this knife also decreases with cat ears on.
  • combat knife: The durability of this knife also decreases with cat ears on.

Can you hide cat ears?

If you don’t like the look of the cat ears, but you still want to use infinite ammo, you’ll have to live with it. Unfortunately, you can’t hide the cat’s ears, and they appear on every outfit Leon wears.

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