Understanding the Double-Click Function in Excel Charts

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usContinue sharing by double-clicking the mouse in ExcelSome amazing operations!


In the previous article, we mainly introduced[double-click operations related to cells]and[double-click operations related to positioning].click here to view.

Today’s article is mainly about sharing with you,The magical function of double-clicking[In Pivot Table]and[In Chart]!

Come and take a look with me below!

1. Double-click function related to pivot table

Pivot table is one of the most commonly used functions.


Here are two very useful double-click functions that I would like to introduce to you.

▋01 Double-click to display detailed data

As shown below: You need to view the detailed data of the debit amount in 2024.

we just needDouble-click the number in cell[B5]a separate worksheet will be created to display the detailed data of debit amounts in 2024.

Very convenient!

▋02 Double-click to insert calculated items or calculated fields

As shown below: You need to insert a column in the pivot table to calculate the difference between debits and credits.

Click[PivotTable Analysis]-[Fields, Items and Sets]-[Calculated Fields]in sequence.

Open the[Insert Calculated Field]dialog box.

Normal operation is:

❶ First change the[Name]to: Difference.

❷ In the[Formula]text box, delete 0.

❸ Click[Debit]click[Insert Field]and enter the minus sign (-).

❹ Click[Credit]click[Insert Field]and finally click[OK].

Isn’t it troublesome?

To improve it, we only need:

❶ Change[Name]to: Difference.

Double-click[Debit]enter the minus sign (-).

Double-click[Lender]and finally click[OK].

No unnecessary operations required, fast, ruthless and accurate!

2. Double-click function related to charts

▋01 Change chart type

As shown below, a column chart is used to display the company's sales in the past six years.

Now I want to switch to a line chart display.

Click[Chart Design]-[Change Chart Type];

Open the[Change Chart Type]dialog box;

Click[Line Chart]and finallyDouble-click[Line Chart]on the rightthe chart conversion is completed.

No need to click the[OK]button anymore.

▋02 Set chart elements

As shown below: I want to set the data label format.

Usually you can click[+]-[Data Label]-[More Options]on the right.

Open the following[Set Data Label Format]dialog box:

But we can alsoQuickly double-click any data pointopen this dialog box directly.

The same goes for the settings of other chart elements.

3. Write at the end

Today I would like to share with you the following functions of double-clicking the mouse:

❶ Double-click related to pivot table

a. Double-click to display detailed data

b. Double-click to insert a calculated item or calculated field

❷ Double-click function related to charts

c.Change chart type

d.Set chart elements

I hope it will be helpful to everyone using Excel and reduce your work burden.

If you want to learn more more efficient Excel skills~