Uncovering the Surprise Casting of a Cult Character in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: The Unexpected Journey of a Voice Actor

Game news This voice actor from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth didn't know that he was going to play this cult character: he was told that he was dubbing an NPC, and that wasn't wrong!


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Many games have characters with voices. To bring them to life, studios call on actors, generally specialized in dubbing. We are starting to get to know the French voices of our series, games and films well, but there are also well-known voice actors across the Atlantic.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: one of the great successes of the start of the year

For the past few days, players have finally been able to reunite with Cloud and his gang for the continuation of this huge remake that is Final Fantasy VII. In Rebirth, the group finally leaves Midgar to discover the vast world and obtain the answers he seeks while following the trail of the terrible Sephiroth. Much more open, full of content and giving access to cult places such as the Gold Saucer, Junon, Kalm, the Costa del Sol and the Cosmo Canyon. In the language of Molière, Cloud is voiced by Tanguy Goasdoué, Aerith by Céline MelloulTifa by Jessica Barrier, Barret by Fréderic Soutrelle, while Vincent is played by Raphaël Cohen and Sephiroth is played by Obi-Wa… Uh Bruno Choël!

The rest of the cast is vast, many more or less important characters being present and dubbed throughout the adventure. Bringing back to life, like Remake, the legendary PS1 game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth got off to a flying start with a metascore of 92/100 and a 19/20 in our columns. It is also thehe second best-selling game across the Atlantic in February (even though it was released on 29), and a production that sold more in a single day in Europe than Final Fantasy XVI in 10 days. Suffice to say that FF7 has lost none of its aura and that this three-part remake, as it is designed, attracts an audience that is still as wide as ever. But let's get back to our chocobos with the dubbing, and more particularly the English dubbing.

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Square Enix surprises this well-known voice actor, and it works!

In a recent video, Square Enix shared the return of one of the actors on his experience. The latter is far from being unknown since it is about Matt Mercer, head honcho of Critical Role, company and tabletop RPG channel where he shares the bill with: Taliesin Jaffe (Injustice 2), Laura Bailey (The Last of Us Part 2), Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us), Travis Willingham (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order), Liam O'Brien (Darksiders 3) Marisha Ray or even Sam Riegel (Nier Replicant). The channel has over 2.2 million subscribers and is probably the most famous role-playing game channel in the world. For his part, Matt Mercer has lent his voice to video games many timesrecently participating in Baldur's Gate 3, Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, Starfield and Return to Monkey Island.

I think my best memory working on this game was when I realized who I was playing. (…) They had me record some background vocals, just some random characters from Nibelheim or whatever and, halfway through the session, the screen started to “bug”. It led to a black screen and then text that said “how about playing another character?”. And then they revealed to me that I was actually there to record Vincent's voice instead of these NPCs. It made my day a really great day. I think it will be a special memory that I will keep for a very long time.

Very popular thanks to its style, Vincent Valentine is one of the characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, even if it is not playable. Present in the original game, he also has a past with Shinra and this is what pushes him to join Cloud and his group. Although it gives a certain impression of fragility, it is in reality extremely powerful. He was also entitled to his game, since he is the main character of Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. If you're discovering the story of Final Fantasy VII with this remake, we'll stop there and leave it to you to discover what his ties to Shinra are, why he fights against it, and how his personal story fits into the overall story.

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