Uncovering 10 Undiscovered Treasures in the Xbox Game Pass: Our Top Picks!

Game news 10 hidden gems from Xbox Game Pass. We've found you the cream of the crop!


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Xbox Game Pass is full of hidden gems. And to give them a helping hand, we offer you a selection of the best of them in this JV Select!


Harold Halibut

You couldn't have missed its trailer presenting its gameplay and cutscenes all in stop-motion, Harold Halibut is a must-have of the moment. Everything is played out in its atmosphere, whether it is its handmade characters and decorations, all in metal, wood, fabric and clay, all in a very typical 70s science fiction style, approaching in every way the films of Wes Anderson. His story takes place at the controls of the eponymous Harold Halibut, a clumsy and often out-of-place man, operating aboard Fedora, a spaceship the size of a city, where he serves as a man to do everything.

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Said ship actually left Earth 250 years ago, at the edge of a global war, in the hope of a new habitable planet. The only downside is that the platform is stuck in the abyss of an extra-terrestrial ocean. which will quickly confront the protagonist with a gallery of unexpected situations. With a fairly slow pace and mainly focused on the narration, the title enjoys, in addition to its graphics, a story and a great soundtrackwhich make it a real must have. Simply do it!


If you are a fan of games with their own concepts, perhaps you have heard of INKULINATI? This medieval turn-based strategy game takes up the aesthetic of the manuscripts of the time, putting you in the shoes of an illuminator, fighting by drawing his troops directly in the margins of a book. Sprinkled with a touch of fantasy and a good dose of humor, the game remains no less demanding and will ask you, for example, to understand that a rabbit's butt is stronger than a sword. of a dog (by the developers' own admission).

10 hidden gems from Xbox Game Pass. We've found you the cream of the crop!

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