Ukrainian artillery works like Uber. The mystery of exceptional accuracy solved

GIS Arta is a military tracking system developed by Ukrainian programmers in cooperation with the British, which can be compared to … Uber. It is he who gives Ukraine an advantage in the war with Russia.

A quarter ago we were afraid that the Russians would annex Ukraine in a few days, but our eastern neighbors resisted the invaders.War on the territory of Ukrainehowever, it is already in its third month and the Russian Federation is suffering enormous losses. This is due to both the fighting spirit of the Ukrainians and modern weapons, which the aggressor in turn lacks.

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One of the advantages of Ukraine in the war with Russia is the Arta GIS system.

This is the term used to describe the “Geographic Information System”, which was created by programmers from Ukraine with the support of Great Britain. Arta’s GIS is extremely effective, because it shortened the time needed to react to an attack from 20 minutes to less than two minutes.

How do you compare with Uber? The counterpart of the Topaz system used in Poland works on a similar principle as the ride ordering service, but does not connect the passenger with the nearest driver, but only military targets with nearby artillery units, mortars, missiles and combat drones.

GIS Arta in action

Hostile positions are collected in real time. The source of data for the system is information provided by reconnaissance drones, rangefinders, smartphones, GPS and radars provided to Ukraine by NATO. The algorithms then decide for themselves which unit to send to a given location to increase efficiency.

The effectiveness of the GIS Arta system has been confirmed by a recent operation near the river Seversky Donets. The Russians who tried to cross it were smashed. The aggressor lost a battalion with dozens of vehicles such as tanks and armored fighting vehicles in 2 days. Up to 1,000 soldiers could lose their lives.

Based on the analysis of aerial photos, it was calculated that as many as 73 T-72 and T-80 tanks, BMP infantry fighting vehicles, MT-LB floating armored personnel carriers, boats and other engineering equipment were destroyed. Ukrainian military sources reported the number of 1.5 thousand. victims among the soldiers of the invader – he

The GIS Arta targeting system was developed after Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

The commanders with a special security clearance have access to the encrypted data collected by him. After they confirm their target selection, the artillery units receive coordinates and can start firing in a while. The entire process takes up to 2 minutes instead of 20 minutes as before.

In addition, the advantage of GIS Arta is that the units firing a given position can be scattered across the battlefield. At the same time, the system is able to calculate with high accuracy when certain missiles will hit the target, in order to timely attack attacks from several locations with the use of different equipment and to confuse the Russians.

GIS Arta usesStarlinki

One of the technologies that Ukrainians use to track Russian troops is satellite internet from Elon Musk. Starlinki turned out to be a great help for the Ukrainianswhich Russia, led by the dictator and war criminal Vladimir Putin, wanted to cut off the Internet.

Finally, it is worth adding that one more advantage of this Ukrainian GIS Arta tracking system is that it can automatically mark, for example, schools and hospitals on the map and determine whether there are any own forces on the line of fire. Thanks to this, you can send your troops a signal with the command to change position.

Ukrainian artillery works like Uber. The mystery of exceptional accuracy solved

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