Ujoy Games opens pre-registration for adventure RPG “Aventura Tales” with Shishi Musume, launch set for 2024

Ujoy Games announced today (December 15th) that pre-registration for the adventure RPG “Aventura Tales” with Shishi Musume has begun. Distribution is scheduled to start in 2024.

This work is an RPG where you become an adventurer and travel around the world in a cute fantasy world. Let’s take a break from working life just for now and set out on a journey with Shishi Musume as an “adventurer.” To commemorate the start of pre-registration, we will be running a campaign where we will give away various items that can be used in-game at the time of release, depending on the number of people who pre-register.


▼Pre-registration benefits
・Achieved 50,000 people
Seashell x 100, Training Manual (Beginner) x 20, Starlight Fragment x 5
・Achieved 100,000 people
Seashell x 150, Reinforced Breakthrough Stone x 3, Starlight Fragment x 5
・Achieved 150,000 people
Fortune-telling ticket x 2, wing/baby rabbit x 1, treasure map x 5
・Achieved 200,000 people
Fortune telling ticket x3, blue spirit feather x10, training manual (high class) x5
・Achieved 250,000 people
Fortune telling ticket x5, feather essence x5, SSR pet “Shishiko” x1

<Adventure companion! Cute buddy “Shishiko” >
Waiting for adventurers on the continent is a cute companion called Shishi Musume. Shishi Musume, a wild boar girl, is a 5-star pet that is a Japan-only pre-registration bonus. Make her your friend as she fights while jumping up and down, and let’s become stronger together!


Shishi girls also have levels and ranks, and you will raise them as if they were your own children. If you take good care of them by feeding them and strengthening their weapons, they will evolve and learn amazing skills. Rumor has it that the shishish girl who started off as a modest girl gradually grows up to be an incredibly beautiful woman…?

■Game content introduction

A mysterious civilized world spreads across the continent. In Aventura Tales[Avetura]you can adventure in search of vast ruins that are too large to explore, and mysterious relics that contain the vestiges of an old civilization. The field is an open world with a high degree of freedom. Clear a wide variety of quests and become an “adventurer”. Here you can go on adventures, enjoy life at home, and live your life as you like while playing fun mini-games like fishing, cooking, and building.

You can enjoy a heartwarming adventure with anime-style characters that will heal both your friends and enemies. Cute pets will help you during your adventure. There are real things such as mice, cats, turtles, and robots, as well as fictional beings such as Shishi Musume, a young red dragon, slime, a mermaid princess, and a flame turtle. Another secret to a relaxing life is the easy-to-use auto mode. Since the adventure can be easily progressed with one tap, even those playing online RPG for the first time can go on a “not difficult” journey with confidence.

Chat around the fire with your friends at the campfire of the guild event. You can eat from the same pot and have fun while making friends with your guild mates. Enjoy your days with a buddy who can have your back by defeating bugs that come to the guild, challenging bosses, and more. In addition, with large-scale GvG battles and generous support from the management, you can enjoy a fun and stress-free gaming life.

■A campaign is also being carried out on Official X (formerly Twitter)!

A campaign will be held in which 10 people who RT the target tweet will win an Amazon gift card worth 1,000 yen.

■“Aventura Tales”

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