Ubisoft unveils cryptic code for Assassin’s Creed Shadows, ARG promotion begins

Last night, Ubisoft released a teaser image that hints at the cityscape of Osaka and the presence of ninjas, announcing the long-awaited unveiling of the latest work in the popular series “Assassin's Creed Shadows” (formerly known as Assassin's Creed Codename RED). While the content of the latest work, which is set in feudal Japan, is attracting a lot of attention, Ubisoft has announced a new release of the work.Official pagerevealed a mysterious number sequence and a katakana character string arranged in a matrix. It has been revealed that ARG promotion has started for the upcoming unveiling.

Overseas fan communities are already working on deciphering the code, but although the code itself is not particularly difficult, since it uses katakana, many fans are using katakana-specific characters such as shi to tsu, n to so, etc. It seems like they are having a hard time reading. I won't go into details about the results of the decoding this time, but since it's content that Japanese fans can enjoy without any problems, I'd like to introduce a little bit of the details.


Please note that there are still parts of this code that have not yet been deciphered, and it appears that progress is being made day by day, so if you are interested, please first check out the basic content, existing codes, and their sources. Why not enjoy decoding the code in preparation for the upcoming unveiling?

Number sequence posted on official page

Also on the official page is a katakana table with 9 rows and 9 columns.

This time's cipher creates a character string by combining a number sequence and a katakana table. For reference, if you compare the number sequence “62 11 13 95 43 45 27 13” in the first row with the table and arrange the katakana, you will get 62 (ji), 11 (ka), 13 (n), 95 (ha), 4 (Yu), 45 (U), 27 (Ge), 13 (N), which can be read as “jikanhayugen” (time is finite).


If you create a string in the same way, you can confirm that there are multiple hints scattered on the network and that some kind of reward is available.

If you rely on this and check related sites and services in detail, you will find that the official storeProduct pageorOfficial FacebookYou can find images containing number sequences in .

The product page image and number sequence are 74 18 78 84 95 47 33 35 75 54 78 35
26 13 59 98 15 84 95 78 69 59 42 86

Facebook image, number sequence is 17 68 96 91 74 95 54 36 36 59 11 39 21 96 48
98 13 62 35 95 61 41 96 49 74 84 63 72

If you convert these numbers into katakana, you will find that there is a mysterious character string hidden in the first teaser video, so be sure to check it out as well. (Reference: You can check the high-resolution teaser on Facebook.Post)

Additionally, in the promotional email issued by Ubisoft, along with a countdown to the unveiling, there is a number sequence like the one below that does not make sense in the table above, so new information is probably needed. If you are interested, please don't forget to check related sites and services.