Two Sevres. Anti-basin activist beaten and insulted at home

“Shitty eco-fucker”, “we piss on you”, “the anti-basin is beautiful”… According to a press release from the collective “Bassines non merci”, known after opposing last month to a project of water reserves for agricultural use in the Deux-Sèvres, one of its members was violently attacked and insulted on November 18 at his home in Périgné.

Two men allegedly inflicted multiple injuries on him (ribs, ankle, neck, face). He was “beaten all over his body and insulted in terms that leave no ambiguity as to the real motivations of his attackers”, writes the collective. Hospitalized, the victim was issued with a total incapacity for work (ITT) of 15 days.

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Ongoing investigation

The activist filed a complaint this Thursday with the gendarmerie of Melle. An investigation is underway, said Niort prosecutor Julien Wattebled.

According to the press release of “Bassines non merci”, the victim is the nephew of one of the spokespersons of “Bassines Non Merci”, Julien Le Guet, “threatened himself on different occasions”.

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