Two-player Minecraft: How to Start Split-Screen on Console

If you want to play Minecraft on the console with two people, you can do so with up to four friends at the same time using split-screen mode. However, there is a small hurdle that can prevent comfortable gaming in co-op. We’ll show you how everything works on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

Requirement for split screen in Minecraft

Split-screen mode is reserved for the console version of Minecraft. On PC there are other ways you can play as a couple. A requirement for split screen on any console is actually a screen with a resolution of at least 720p. You can use an HDMI or RGB component connection to the television or monitor.


So if you play Minecraft on a very old monitor or even on a CRT TV, you won’t be able to play in co-op or split screen. You should check your console’s settings to see if it is set to 720p or higher.

So you can play in co-op with two people

Below we explain step-by-step, how you can play with a friend on a console for two and a world starts in split-screen mode.

Create a new world or load one you created previously. This makes no difference for co-op in Minecraft.Tick ​​the “online game” box (English Online game). This is important because otherwise you won’t be able to start local multiplayer.In the game, player 2 presses the start button on his controller. Depending on the console, the buttons may vary. For example, on the PS4 or PS5, it is the Options button that Player 2 must press. Player 2 must now log in with a PSN or Xbox Live account. A guest account can also be used. An active PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership is therefore not necessary. On the newer consoles you first have to choose a profile and then press the start button.

Important: On a PlayStation 3, after step 3, a window will appear where you have to select a PSN account. To register player 2 as a guest, simply press circle for “Cancel” and the split screen starts.


The game should now automatically activate split-screen mode and you can play with two people. If more players want to connect, repeat step 3. A maximum of four players can play together in split screen.

Special feature on the Nintendo Switch

If you want to play the Switch version of Minecraft while sitting comfortably on the couch as a couple, you need either a second pair of Joy-Cons or another gamepad like the Pro Controller. Simply separating a pair of Joy-Cons, as is sufficient for many Switch games, will not work here.

Register the second controller on the switch and proceed exactly as described above. Here too, all you have to do is press the start button (standard: plus button) and you’re ready to go.

Is PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold necessary?

As already mentioned, you don’t need PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold or Nintendo Online, if you want to play on a console with a friend. Additional players can join your lobby via guest accounts.

However, if you want to play together online, you must have a membership to one of these offers. Four players can join in on each console, A maximum of eight players are possible per world.