two big news for the sequel to the ultra cult film

Among the cult films that will soon make their return, we obviously remember Beetlejuice. And we just learned some nice information about him

If there is one cult film in Tim Burton’s career that is important, it is Beetlejuice. And in fact, the second film is well underway, to say the least. All that remains is to be patient.


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Filming on Beetlejuice 2, the sequel to Tim Burton’s iconic horror comedy, has now wrapped. The director shared a behind-the-scenes photo that is strongly reminiscent of the world of the first film. Tim Burton announced the end of filming on Instagram by posting a photo of himself on a recognizable set: the undulating checkered floor of the Netherworld waiting room from the first film. This is where Barbara and Adam Maitland, played by Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin, find themselves after their accidental deaths, and meet other supernatural characters. This room is also present at the end of the first film, with a defeated Beetlejuice waiting his turn. This direct reference to the original film creates great anticipation for the sequel.

What to expect ?

Although plot details remain unknown, the script was written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the showrunners of Wednesday. Winona Ryder returns in her role as iconic goth queen Lydia Deetz, Catherine O’Hara reprises her role as eccentric mother Delia Deetz, and Michael Keaton (ex-Batman) returns as a bio-exorcist. In short, the main actors are back.

Jenna Ortega joins the cast as Lydia’s daughter, with Monica Bellucci as Beetlejuice’s wife. Willem Dafoe also appears in the cast as a ghost detective, formerly a B-movie star. Justin Theroux has also been announced in an undisclosed role.

Beetlejuice 2 is scheduled for a theatrical release on September 6, 2024. Upon its release in 1988, Beetlejuice achieved significant success, both critically and commercially. The film quickly gained cult status thanks to its unique style, dark humor, and surreal elements. Commercially, Beetlejuice was a success. With a relatively modest production budget (estimated at around $15 million), the film achieved an impressive box office, grossing around $73.7 million in North America. This financial success helped establish Tim Burton as a leading director in Hollywood.