two attacks in New York and a pencil grab

Apple Store in Short Hills, New Jersey

In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, Apple Pencils are stolen from an Apple Store, Hunter Biden sues a laptop shop owner, and iPads are stolen from a golfer and basketball player.

The last article in the AppleInsider episodic article on Apple-related crime.

Man found guilty of stealing iPhone and assaulting woman

In late February, a Staten Island man was convicted on multiple counts of assaulting a woman, stealing her iPhone, and head-butting and kicking her.

According to SI Live, the 40-year-old was convicted of second-degree robbery, second-degree assault, third-degree assault, petty theft, and fifth-degree illegal possession of stolen property. The crimes were committed in January 2022, and the sentence was set for early April.

iPhone and Apple Watch stolen from 84-year-old woman during robbery

In another violent theft case in New York City, police are looking for a man who they say injured an 84-year-old woman by stealing her purse, which contained both an iPhone and an Apple Watch.

According to local news site QNS, the man, described as “the beast,” “forcibly removed the bag from the elderly woman’s shoulder before fleeing the scene on foot.”

Apple Pencils stolen by a woman with three minors

Three Apple Pencils were stolen from the Apple Store at the Short Hills mall in New Jersey by a woman who had three minors, according to the patch.

Four people took things without paying and then “fought with the guards,” the report said. A “suspicious vehicle” was later found and confiscated in connection with the thefts.

Professional golfer has an iPad and other items stolen from a tournament

A PGA Tour player had $15,000 worth of items stolen from a Florida tournament, including an iPad, and a diner worker was later arrested for theft, according to The Palm Beach Post.

Golfer Adrian Meronk competed at the Honda Classic in Palm Beach in early March and discovered that he had stolen items left in the locker room. Items stolen included his iPad and Trackman device.

A 40-year-old man who worked at the tournament was later charged with burglary into an unoccupied building without a weapon and grand larceny.

Hunter Biden sues Delaware computer store owner

In the latest twist in Hunter Biden’s laptop saga, the president’s son is suing a Delaware computer store owner who gave the computer to Hunter’s father’s political opponents.

According to Semafor, Hunter Biden sued The Mac Shop’s John Paul Mac Isaac, alleging that the store owner “invaded his privacy” and “did not have the right to copy his data.” Mac Isaac sued Biden Jr in 2022, alleging he was defamed.

“From any source, the material he then provided to others included photographs of Mr. Biden using drugs, without clothes, and engaging in intimate relationships with other adults,” the lawsuit says, according to Semaphore.

Hotel manager accused of stealing Apple Watch and AirPods

A hotel manager in Evansville, Indiana, was arrested in early March and charged with stealing items, including AirPods and an Apple Watch, from a guest. WEVV reports that the woman later tried to sell the goods through Facebook.

The theft victim noticed his Apple Watch for sale on the Facebook Marketplace and recognized the seller as the hotel manager’s name. In addition, he was able to find both items by tracking them. The Apple Watch ended up at the hotel manager’s house, and the AirPods ended up at the gas station where the manager filled up the gas.

iPads and other items stolen from UConn basketball players

While the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team practiced for Thursday’s NCAA tournament game, several items were stolen from the team’s bus.

According to CBS Sports, the thefts happened to the team in Las Vegas before their game in the Sweet 16 round. An iPad was stolen from one of the team’s players, and a laptop was stolen from the team’s manager, as well as their clothes were taken.

On the same day, according to the report, the Huskies had to leave their Las Vegas hotel after finding “mud and vomit” in their rooms.

Police called over pornography found on elementary school laptop

According to the Delaware County Times, “possibly obscene and sexually explicit photographs” were found on a student’s iPad at an elementary school in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

The find led to a call to the police, who seized the iPad and deleted the photo.

Accused iPad thief caught after changing Apple ID to his own

But they were able to trace the device after the accused thief tried to change the Apple ID on the device to his own. According to KGW, they were also able to trace the iPad’s address, leading police to track down the suspect. The man was also seen on one of the company’s 16 CCTV cameras.

Thailand tuk-tuk driver accused of not returning iPhone

A tuk-tuk driver, a popular rickshaw taxi in Thailand, has been charged with failing to return an iPhone left in the vehicle by a Swedish tourist.

According to The Phuket News, a tourist realized that her iPhone 14 Pro Max was missing. Once she informed the police, they tracked the device to a hotel where the phone was hidden behind a pillow in a tuk tuk.