Twitter will start removing blue ticks from unfollowed accounts on April 1

After buying Twitter, the current owner of the company, Elon Musk, promised to take away the blue verification checkmark, announcing the introduction of a new tariff plan. The old verification mode will go down in history on April 1, when the checkbox will remain only for accounts with a Twitter Blue subscription, as well as for companies with an enterprise plan. Starting next month, such a subscription will cost $1,000 per month.

Some current owners of the blue tick on Twitter have reported that they are not going to pay money for it. Moreover, the decision of the company to introduce this type of verification for everyone can lead to problems, since it will become easier for people to fake an account and present themselves to other users to mislead.

Twitter to Revoke ‘Legacy’ Verified Badges in April, Leaving Only Paying Subscribers With Blue Check-Marks

As Elon Musk promised, Twitter’s previous blue check-mark verification regime will soon be history. The social network, which the mega-billionaire bought last year in a debt-heavy $44 billion…

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