Twitter CEO thinks Elon Musk will close the deal, but he’s ready for anything

Could only entrust to a series of tweet your comment on the decision of Elon Musk to suspend the acquisition of Twitter for the time being. Let’s talk about the CEO of the company, Parag Agrawalwho is however confident that the deal will go through, even as he is bracing himself for any scenario.

A comment that actually came through the wrong way, as Agrawal focused on the recent news of the firing of two top Twitter executives. A move that, according to some, would suggest a jolt to the company’s upper floors as soon as Elon Musk completes the acquisition, which would involve the same position as CEO.

Why Elon Musk suspended the Twitter acquisition and what happens now

Referring to the matter, Twitter’s chief executive said that:

Changes that impact people are always difficult. And some have wondered why a “lame” CEO would do them if we were acquired anyway. The answer, in short, is very simple: even though I expect the deal to close, we need to be prepared for all scenarios and always do what’s right for Twitter.“.

Yesterday, Tesla’s CEO explained that the deal is temporarily suspended waiting to find out if the number of spam / fake accounts actually represent less than 5% of users. Elon Musk, however, added that he is still engaged in the acquisition process.

Meanwhile, nervousness spreads in the Twitter house: the widespread uncertainty is creating some despair among the employees of the company, also for some decisions announced by Elon Musk, including the reactivation of the profile of Donald Trump. In order to reduce costs, the company temporarily stopped all new hires, revoking several job offers.

I will continue to make difficult decisions according to the needs that arise. I will not use the deal as an excuse to avoid making important choices for the health of the company, nor will any Twitter leader.“.

He finally closed Agrawal.

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