Twitch and OnlyFans block all users from Russia due to sanctions

The “military operation” in Ukraine, announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin a few days ago, has already cost the entire Russian economy dearly, as many major countries, including the US, Europe and the UK, have found it necessary to impose “crushing sanctions” against countries, and many of these are already in force. As a result, as a result, the Twitch and OnlyFans services decided to block all users from Russia, having done this due to sanctions risks. Now users of these platforms, popular among fans of making money via the Internet, are deprived of the opportunity to withdraw money from their accounts, including those that were earned before the imposition of sanctions by the West.

Twitch and OnlyFans users from Russia complain that these services have disabled the ability for them to withdraw money that was earned on the platforms. Because of this, some cannot withdraw their income to their accounts for a week, a month, and even for a whole year, that is, it is not possible to receive the money earned, in any way. The fault was the inclusion of all user accounts from the Russian Federation in the “black list”, or rather the entire Russian financial system. When trying to withdraw money to a bank card opened in any of the Russian banks, an error message appears. Thus, all users of these services who do not have accounts and cards in other states are deprived of access to their money.

Platforms such as Twitch and OnlyFans are extremely popular among Internet users in Russia, so such an event will certainly have a negative impact on all those who use them. Content authors will no longer have any motivation to create and sell content, because they will not be able to withdraw money, and may not be able to in the future. In some cases, if the account has no violations, you can withdraw money to a PayPal account, but this is not always possible, and it is not very convenient, because the money is automatically converted into rubles at an unfavorable rate, which is much lower than the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. But that’s not all, because there are strict limits on withdrawing money through PayPal, which cannot be bypassed.

It is also interesting that when trying to withdraw money from their wallets in the Twitch and OnlyFans services, content authors receive a notification that verification has been removed from their account, so they will not be able to sell any materials in the future. Representatives of these two services did not comment on this situation in any way, however, it is impossible not to notice that both of these services pay VAT in the amount of 20% to the Russian budget, therefore, it is obvious that they are interested in the Russian market in one way or another. However, in this particular case, having weighed all the risks, both services could well just say goodbye to the Russian-speaking audience because of the risks that Russia’s policy at the international level carries.

Earlier it was reported that WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook services were blocked in Russia.