TV program. Evelyne Leclercq, Yves Noël, Annie Pujol… What happened to them?

After Cindy Sander, Indra, Marjorie from L5, Phylly from Organiz, Francky Vincent, Sonia Dubois, Douchka, Bébert from Forbans, Mallaury Nataf, Eve Angeli, Christophe Rippert, Camille Raymond and Magalie Madison from “Premiers Baisers”, Titia hostess of “Everyone talks about it”, Véronique from “Gim Tonic”, Adeline Blondieau, Pierre Cosso, Jennifer Lauret, Danièle Evenou, Kenza du Loft, Frédéric Deban, Charly Nestor, Olivia Adriaco or Afida Turner, the Friday evening magazine by Karine Ferri, devoted to the former glories of the small screen and song, continues to play on the sensitive chord of viewers with sequences betting on nostalgia.

A bipolar disorder

The next part, rebroadcast this Friday, August 12 from 9:10 p.m. on TFX, reveals what has become of personalities from the world of television who, overnight, left the spotlight to be more discreet. Thus, the public will be able to find Yves Noël, who animated with his twin brother Hervé the ”Multitop” on M6 then the ”Hit machine” with Ophélie Winter or the ”Dance machine” in the 1990s. 52-year-old now, the former host will explain that he put an end to his audiovisual career in the 2000s due to bipolar disorder. Converted into coaching and communication, this father of two children will also talk about his new job.

Annie Pujol, 60, co-presenter of the “Wheel of Fortune”, for her part, will discuss the reasons for her departure from the cult game of TF1: “I did not like this role of potiche. Well, I say it years later. It’s not that I didn’t like what I was doing. But I didn’t like this role. However, the one who became a dance teacher and home coach assures that “if it had to be done again for my grandmother to see me every day on TV, I would do it again”.

2000 francs per month

As for the former announcer Evelyne Leclercq, 71, emblematic figure of ”Tournez Manège” with Simone Garnier and Fabienne Egal on TF1, and co-host of ”Schmilblick” with Georges Beller on the radio, she will reveal that for the famous dating game on the front page, she received at the time “2000 francs per month, or around 500 euros” per month. As for her former accomplice, who has just celebrated her 68th birthday, now a communication and public speaking coach, she still sees her: “I have a few female friends including Fabienne Egal who was with me on the set. She’s a real woman. A business manager, a real responsible woman, and we don’t spend our time talking rags”.

Finally, two former reality TV starlets, Nadège Lacroix and Aurélie Va Daelen, revealed during their participation in seasons 6 and 5 of ”Secret story” on TF1, will confide to journalists the secrets of their life after : play comedy and continue ”real TV” for one, go from columnist to mom influencer in fashion, decoration and beauty for the other.

“They shone on TV: what became of them?”, this Friday, August 12 from 9:05 p.m. on TFX.

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