TUSMO: Solutions, what are the words of July 11, 2024?

TUHMOH HOLUTION of the Moot of the Day of July 11, 2024?

Every day at midnight the heat is gone TUЅМО.хyz You will have to find the “MOT OF THE DAY”, which will be divided into nine letters. On the July 11, 2024the word to be found consists of two letters and begins with the letter “A”.

If you have no desire to search for the word of the day or if you are short of ideas, you will find it here. TUHMO resolution of July 11, 2024.


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What are the TUHMOH decisions of the Day of July 11, 2024?

“WORD OF THE DAY” is another game played on a daily basis, however, like “WORD OF THE DAY” which will ask you to find a single, unique word, then, as for it, you will give the answer toSearch for four words from sx, sxr, 8 and 9 letters. For those TUHMOM fans who are having some difficulty finding one of the four words present in the Day of the Week, here are the TUHMO resolutions of July 11, 2024.

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TUHOMO, what is it?

The game TUHMO recalls the origins of the very famous TV show Motus, which aired on France 2 from the early 1990s until 2019. For these and those who have never heard of Motus or anyone else The derivatives are recently published on the Internet, the rules are very challenging since the players have the objective of finding a word with a certain number of letters, having only one and only one word indicated there. First letter of the same word.

As you can see, the words to be guessed are in French and must be found in the common dialects. The artists will have their moments to try to find the word. Each of the roles can only begin with the letter of the day. One time, the first repetition of the song, letters of color will appear.

  • The RED letters are well laid out and in the right place.
  • The YELLOW letters are in the word but are poorly spelled.
  • The other letters are not present in the word of the day.

The most responsive will have it, but these indications will be very important to find the most relevant words. You just have to rack your brains and then use data collection

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