Turn off the power button – or let it do something else

Have you ever accidentally turned off your computer with the power switch and perhaps also destroyed some ongoing work that you did not save? The risk is perhaps greater with a laptop, where the switch is located next to the keyboard, than a desktop. But there are also keyboards for desktops with buttons for on and off or sleep mode.

If you suffer from this problem or for some other reason think it would be good to be able to disable the power switch, there are fairly simple options for this in Windows. If you prefer, you can instead get it to do something different. You can also control your sleep mode if your computer has one.

Changing how your computer’s power switch works in Windows 10 remains in the old settings, that is, in the Control Panel, which still lives in the hidden. In fact, it still applies in the new Windows 11.

Once you have reached the correct settings in step 4, you have several different options for each button. If the computer is portable, there are also different options for battery operation and mains operation.

1. Settings

Click the Start button and select Settings. click Energy options.


2. More settings

Scroll down a bit and click More energy settings.


3. The control panel

Now you have ended up in the old Control Panel: Click on Specify how the switches should work.


4. Change

Now you can make your choices about what to do when you press the buttons.