Traditions November 25: what you need and what you can not do on the day of Ivan the Merciful

This Friday, the Orthodox commemorate St. John the Merciful. In Rus’, the saint was called Ivan the Merciful, so Ivan’s Day is celebrated according to the folk calendar.

Traditions of the day:

Saint John considered almsgiving and good deeds to all who needed it as his main work. Therefore, the key tradition of Ivan’s Day is good deeds and caring for others.

On this day, it is customary to give alms to poor people. Moreover, it can be not only money, food and things, but also good advice, compassion and just a kind word.

Daily bans:

On November 25, it is strictly forbidden to be greedy, especially when buying gifts. Our ancestors believed that the money spent on Midsummer Day would quickly return if used wisely.

It is impossible on the day of Ivan the Merciful to talk a lot in vain. It was believed that talkativeness would lead to big problems in the future.

Giving flowers and replanting plants on this day is also prohibited. According to legend, they will quickly wither, and along with their beauty, health will also go away.

© Photo: Volgogradskaya Pravda publishing house / Sergey Kashirsky / archive.

Folk signs:

People also called November 25 Ivan Snezhny. According to the weather on this day, our ancestors predicted what the beginning of winter would be like.

If it rained on Midsummer Day, then in December they expected wet weather. Morning mists foreshadowed evening frosts. Snow fell on Ivan Snezhny – get ready for late spring.


According to the church calendar, November 25 is celebrated by Alexander, Dmitry, Nikolai, Ivan, Vladimir, Konstantin, Daniel, Boris, Stepan, Fedor, Lev, Matvey, Athanasius.