TR1X 3.0 Released: The Open Source Engine for Tomb Raider

Published project release TR1X 3.0developing an open game engine that can be used in place of the proprietary third-person shooter engine Tomb Raider. TR1X significantly expands the capabilities of the original engine, for example, a new PS1-style interface was added to the open project and the ability to scale was provided, work in windowed mode was improved, visual effects were added, support for changing the field of view and camera position was added, the ability to look around while running was added and look up/down while jumping, the rendering system has been significantly modernized and the gameplay has been expanded, many of the shortcomings and errors inherent in the original engine have been eliminated. The engine code is written in C and distributed by licensed under GPLv3. To launch, you must have game resources from the game Tomb Raider 1.

The new release is notable for the implementation of support for the Linux platform, the addition of a debugging console for developers, the ability to choose between original and enthusiast-developed level sets, and support for bonus game levels that are unlocked by finding secrets. By analogy with the game Tomb Raider 2, support for turning over under water has been added and the ability to lean forward or backward during direct jumps has been added. Reduced CPU load in the frame rendering scheduling code.


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