Topics of the week: More Xbox for the PS5 & various leaks

This week, of course, there was all sorts of exciting news to report. We have summarized the most important news for you and will tell you what you may have missed this week.

After the last few weeks were mainly of studio closures and other unpleasant topics, the current week revolved around what should actually characterize our hobby: the games.


Ubisoft in particular has been in the spotlight several times. In recent days, not only the official reveal trailer for “Assassin's Creed: Shadows” has caused some heated discussions. Over and beyond published the publisher this week the multiplayer shooter “XDefiant”. Despite the Problems with matchmaking According to insider sources, Ubisoft celebrated the most successful launch its history.

Also successfully launched were the pre-orders of “Assassin's Creed: Shadows”. The same applies to the PC version of “Ghost of Tsushima”. Here, PlayStation Studios celebrated their most successful launch of a single-player title on Steam ever.

Updates & rumors about upcoming blockbusters

In addition to the various new releases, the current week was all about updates on upcoming blockbusters and potential highlights. While Activision announced the final name of this year’s “Call of Duty” spin-off and its unveiling date, confirmedHideo Kojima commented on the current development status from “Death Stranding 2”.

Shift Up, the studio behind the action hit “Stellar Blade”, provided us with the first details about his next title, which is currently being developed under the working title “Project Witches” and will not be released until at least 2027.


The new “Astro Bot” could appear much earlier, which may shortly before his announcement The well-known leaker “Midori”, who is considered a reliable source, has also been very active in recent days.

This fuelled the rumours about a possible remake of “Final Fantasy 9”. Midori also pointed out that “Kingdom Hearts 4” look completely different than the first trailer suggested, and gave us a small update to the remake “Dragon Quest 3: HD-2D Remake” announced in 2021.

The next remake that has been circulating recently is a possible return of the first “Resident Evil”. Rumors, which were also mentioned this week by insider “Dusk Golem” expressedAnother topic that caused a lot of speculation this week is the possible multiplatform strategy of Microsoft or Xbox.

According to Windows Central's Jez Corden, the Redmond company is said to be “consistent social interface” for upcoming Xbox titles on platforms like the PS5. In line with this, we received rumors this week about a PS5 version of the next “Doom” adventure.

Sony and Arrowhead look to the future

After impressive success of “Helldivers 2”, the developers at Arrowhead looked to the future this week and reorganized their management team. The company not only emphasized its independence and the wishto become a new From Software or Blizzard.

It was also announced that Johan Pilestedt decided to step down as CEO of Arrowhead to clearA decision he justified with the desire to have more time for game development in the future.

This week's “Creative Entertainment Vision” presentation focused on AI and the question of how the new technology will be integrated into game development. According to Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann, upcoming AI technologies will also make it possible for smaller studios with a manageable budget make possibleto turn their visions into reality.

PlayStation manager Asad Qizilbash, on the other hand, took the view that the increased use of artificial intelligence in the coming years could lead to the creative focus of games mainly shifted to more realistic characters and more emotional stories.

Here are some more exciting news that didn’t make it into our weekly review.

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