Top 10 Features You Should Try in iOS 17

Ready to learn everything new in iOS 17? From the new Smart Display mode to Health features, interactive widgets, new Messages capabilities, real-time voicemail, offline Apple Maps, and more, here are the 10 best iOS 17 features you should try.

After beta testing from June to September, Apple officially released iOS 17 to everyone on September 18, a week after the iPhone 15 unveiled.

While there are more than 10 changes and new features in iOS 17, here are some of them that you might find most interesting and useful.

Top 10 Features You Should Try in iOS 17

Standby mode Contacts Posters Live voicemail Personalized voice Offline Apple Maps Share passwords with friends, family and colleagues Automatically remove 2FA codes on iPhone Interactive widgets Messages New UI and stickers Screen distance for eye health Bonus: AirPods Adaptive Audio

iPhone standby mode

This year, Apple is expanding the lock screen experience in iOS 17, adding a new horizontal standby mode for iPhone.

Some of the available options include customizable dual view settings, while others have different watch faces that take up the entire screen. You can also use third party widgets with StandBy.

Find out all the details in our complete step-by-step guide:

Contact posters

Another great way to get more customization options in iOS 17 is through contact posters. There are many options for creating different designs and you can create them for yourself or for others.

Live voicemail

Live voicemail makes it easy to find out if you want to answer the call while someone is leaving a message, without having to call them back.

Personal voice

Personal Voice is an impressive feature that allows users to save their voice in case they lose it in the future. For people with degenerative diseases or those who just want to be prepared, Personal Voice makes it easy to create and securely store a copy of your voice.

Apple Offline Maps

Want to save battery power or have no connection where you’re going? In iOS 17, you can download Apple Maps for offline use.

General passwords

Sharing passwords with anyone or any group is seamless with the ability to create shared iCloud Keychain vaults.

Automatically remove 2FA codes

Simple and very useful, iOS 17 can automatically remove 2FA code texts after you’ve used them.

Interactive widgets

Widgets have received a nice update: they now work directly on the home screen or lock screen. Here’s a look at them in action with the Home app widget.

Message stickers and new interface

Instead of emoji replies being limited to six response options, in iOS 17 you can reply to any text or image with an emoji or a custom sticker.

Along with this comes a new user interface for iMessage apps.

Distance to screen

This is a new eye health feature that helps prevent eye strain for people of all ages and helps reduce the likelihood of nearsightedness in children.

It’s easy to set up and very effective.

AirPods Pro 2 Adaptive Sound

What do you think? What are your favorite iOS 17 features? Did I miss anything that you like? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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