Top 10 Aliexpress products with real discounts

I hope everyone understands perfectly well that the regular sales that Aliexpress allegedly arranges are, in most cases, a fiction. Sellers who offer discounts today rewrite price tags a day before the start of the “promotion”, giving out an inflated price for the original one, and the original one for a profitable offer. However, this does not mean that all of AliExpress works according to this scheme. Real discounts on Ali really come across. Just to find them, you have to try hard. It’s good that we take on this work.

AliExpress has real discounts


Car disc cleaner

Car disc cleaner.  This tool will not leave stains and streaks behind.  Photo.

This product will not leave stains or streaks behind.

For car paintwork cleaning and surfaces of alloy wheels, it is necessary to use special solutions with a special composition and low abrasiveness. But in car services and car washes, as a rule, they are quite expensive. It is much better to buy normal chemistry on your own and use it as needed. IRON solution does not leave streaks and at the same time effectively removes dirt on various surfaces, including stubborn brake dust that remains on the discs. Volume – 1 liter. The usual price is around 800 rubles.

Price: 444 rubles (99 rubles delivery)


Cheap sneakers from Aliexpress

Sneakers from Aliexpress inexpensively.  Aliexpress also has good shoes.  Photo.

Aliexpress also has good shoes

After leaving mass market brands from Russia, clothes and shoes in the country did not become less. It’s just that now finding a quality product at a low price has become a little more difficult. But Ali has a lot of great things for adequate money. For example, ONEMIX sneakers made of artificial, but breathable materials, which are well suited for everyday wear and for sports. Reinforced, but light, they will be almost invisible on the leg, but, judging by the reviews, they are convenient to use for long walks, jogging, etc. The main thing – do not forget to check the size grid in order to immediately order a model of a suitable size.

Price: 1500 rubles

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Copy AirPods 3 from AliExpress

Copy of AirPods 3 from Aliexpress.  Take a look at them - it's almost AirPods 3. Photo.

Look at them – it’s almost AirPods 3

Wireless TWS headphones The story is not for everyone. But, strangely, it is impossible to try them on in advance almost anywhere. Therefore, I would not buy an expensive model right away. It is better to take something cheaper for a test: evaluate their convenience, understand whether you need it, because losing such an accessory is easy. Lenovo LP40 is a great TVS earphone model similar in appearance to AirPods 3, with call noise cancellation, 12 hours battery life, low latency, which is very good for gaming, and automatic pairing with iOS and Android smartphones.

Price: 590 rubles (with seller’s coupon)

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Sleep mask with headphones

Sleep mask with headphones.  This thing is definitely needed for everything.  But those who need it will appreciate it.  Photo.

This thing is definitely needed for everyone. But those who need it will appreciate it

But wireless headphones can have more than just TWS form factor. For example, this model is built right into sleep mask, which is perfect for those who like to fall asleep to the music. It will not only protect your eyes from lighting, which is very important on the road, but also allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks. The mask is adjustable for head coverage, has a built-in battery for 10 hours of autonomy, as well as external control buttons to control playback. Since these are not plugs, the sound will be simpler than any AirPods Probut for bedtime stories, podcasts or relaxing music, they will be more than enough.

Price: 650 rubles (with seller’s coupon)

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Which charger to buy for iPhone

What charger to buy for iPhone.  Compact and powerful charger - what could be better?  Photo.

Compact and powerful charger – what could be better?

What’s the point of buying a powerful charger for iphone, if it still does not support more than 20 watts? It is better to save money and take a weaker memory without suffering from a low charging speed. This adapter from Essager has just the right power output and also supports most popular power profiles and technologies. Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Power Delivery. This means that it is suitable for all modern Apple devices that support PD, without restrictions.

Price: 620 rubles (with seller’s coupon)

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M2 SSD.  The main thing is not to confuse the geometry of the drives.  Photo.

The main thing is not to confuse the geometry of the drives

It is quite possible to increase the volume of the built-in storage of a laptop or desktop computer. The main thing is to take a suitable SSD drive. For example, Asgard M.2 PCIe NVMe standard. This is clearly seen in the type of its attachment to one screw. It is based on TCL NAND chip with support for maximum read speeds up to 3200MB/s and write speeds up to 2700MB/s. Now only the 512 GB version is available, but sometimes 1 and 2 TB versions also appear. A distinctive feature of this particular drive is the manufacturer’s warranty, which is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase.

Price: 3050 rubles (with seller’s coupon)

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Night light with USB charging

Night light with USB charging.  This night light costs only 35 rubles.  Photo.

This night light costs only 35 rubles

Is your child afraid to fall asleep in the dark? Just buy him night light. This model connects to USB and gives a soft diffused light that resembles a candle flame. It is quite small in size – about 2 cm in diameter. That is, the night light does not take up much space and can be powered at least from an outlet, at least from a computer, at least from a surge protector if there is an appropriate connector. There are two versions on sale: with warm white glow and cold. For comfort, I recommend taking the first option, as it creates a warm lamp atmosphere.

Price: 35 rubles / piece

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Cordless car vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner for the car.  Included with this vacuum cleaner is a full-fledged tube for cleaning on the floor.  Photo.

Included with this vacuum cleaner is a full-fledged tube for cleaning on the floor

Compact portable vacuum cleaner – a very useful thing: even for cleaning a car, even for cleaning upholstered furniture, even for collecting garbage in hard-to-reach places at home. But buying a separate vacuum cleaner for these purposes is extremely wasteful. Therefore, it is better to immediately acquire a transformer model that can be designed depending on current needs. This model comes with several interchangeable nozzles and a long tube that turns it into a full-fledged vacuum cleaner for cleaning floors. And, if necessary, you can remove the tube and replace it with additional nozzles, and then it can be used for other purposes. The volume of the dust collector is 600 ml. Suction force – 8 kPabattery – 1300 mAh.

Price: 3850 rubles

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Safety belt clip

Safety belt clip.  Better, of course, not to use this thing at all.  Especially while driving.  Photo.

Better, of course, not to use this thing at all. Especially while driving

Buckle up in the car is a must. But not everyone follows this rule. The reasons for this behavior may be different, and it is certainly not our task to lecture you. Simply, if for some reason you decide that the seat belt is not your topic, you can get such a clip that is inserted into the socket and closes the circuit. As a result, the car will not signal you to buckle up. And for more convenience, a glass bottle opener is built into the clip, which, of course, is better to use when you are not driving.

Price: 60 rubles

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How to clean ingrained dirt

How to clean the ingrained dirt.  Take as many sponges as possible at once.  Photo.

Take as many sponges as possible at once

Melamine sponge – an indispensable thing when it comes to cleaning. Their special structure allows even without detergents to clean off various contaminants, even if they have long been ingrained into the surface structure. Just wet it and rub it with light pressure, and the dirt will come to naught. The only drawback of such sponges is a very short period of use. They quickly become unusable, and they have to be replaced. Therefore, it is better to buy a large package at once – at least from 10 pieces.

Price: 60 rubles / 10 pcs

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