Tom Cruise’s Near Miss as Lead in Iconic Tim Burton Film: Can You Picture Him in This Role?

Culture news Tom Cruise was a hair's breadth away from landing this title role in one of Tim Burton's most cult films, it's hard to imagine him playing this character


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Instead of Johnny Depp, this other star actor could have played this legendary role in one of Tim Burton's best-known films.


Scissorhands Cruise

Do you remember Edward Scissorhands, this absolutely iconic feature film from Tim Burton's golden years, starring actor Johnny Depp when he was not yet entangled in lawsuits against his ex? What if we told you that instead of the interpreter of Jack Sparrow, it was Tom Cruise who could have landed the role? Indeed, the actor, known for his total involvement in his roles, was in the running to play this character so particular that we image him today as much more suited to a Depp with eclectic talent. Cruise, to fully immerse himself in the steel-handed character, asked a whole bunch of very specific questions, which screenwriter Caroline Thompson was unable to answer.. Cruise particularly wanted to know how Edward went to the bathroom, which Thompson said was part of the “delicacy” of the character and the film. With no answers, the star ultimately declined the role, which later led to Johnny Depp being cast as Edward.

“(Tom Cruise, editor’s note) wanted to know how Edward went to the bathroom. (…) Part of the delicacy of the story was not answering these questions. Tom Cruise certainly wasn't willing to be in the movie without having those questions answered.” -Caroline Thompson

Depp ultimately delivered a masterful performance in this classic film, while Cruise had huge success with other films like Interview with the Vampire, Top Gun and Mission Impossible.

Another star declined the role

Another anecdote even tells that a second actor, an Oscar winner this time, was also offered the role of Edward, before refusing, due to a lack of understanding of the scenario.. This is Gary Oldman, an actor who is esteemed for the intensity of his performances and his versatility. A choice which therefore seems more credible to us, but which in turn fell through. It was in a podcast called Happy Sad Confused that the American actor spoke about this famous role that he refused: “I hate wasting people's time. I think it's rude. (…) I didn't meet Tim Burton because I didn't understand the script. I read it and I said to myself: 'There's a castle on a hill, this guy has scissors (…) pfff, I don't understand'. A year later, the man will end up watching the film and saying “ok, I understand”. No notable consequences on his career, the star will play the equally legendary Dracula a few years later, before recently landing a role in Oppenheimer.

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