Tom Cruise’s high-flying action film, now streaming for free on a popular SVOD platform

After being a plane pilot in Top Gun, Tom Cruise tackles cars in this film available on TF1+.

Days of Thunder puts Tom Cruise in the shoes of a stock car driver (after piloting fighter planes in Top Gun four years previously). Both films are directed by the same man, Tony Scott, and if you loved the Mission Impossible star, then this is for you. The film is available on TF1+ for another 6 days.


Pure Tom Cruise

In Days of Thunder, Tom Cruise plays Cole Trickle, a driver who dreams of going ever faster and winning the famous Daytona race. He is then noticed by Tim Daland, who wishes to recruit him into his stable. But Cole falls out with the group’s star, Rowdy Burns. He then leaves them to join Harry Roge who decides to help him and build him a prototype. The rivalry between Burns and Cole will lead them to have a serious accident. Like Top Gun, Days of Thunder is a good little action film, because even if the critics are not kind to the film (score of 38% on Rotten Tomatoes), the audience gives a score of 60% on more than 100,000 evaluations. As a reminder, you have the opportunity to see it on TF1+ within a time limit of 6 days.

An impressive catalog

Unlike Jours de Tonnerre which is leaving in a few days, TF1+ has an extensive catalog of films which remain available for free on the platform. You can notably find the trilogy of Hobbit, prequel to Lord of the Rings. You can find several feature films by Luc Besson there, such as the saga Taxi, Lucy with Scarlett Johansson, or even Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. There are also several classics of black and white cinema to see or rewatch, such as the adaptation of Emile Zola’s novel, Germinal or even the Hairdresser for Ladies with Fernandel. And if you still want more action, there is the trilogy of Carrier with Jason Statham. In short, there are quite a few films to watch for free.