Time Magazine becomes a media partner of OpenAI

And one more. Time Magazine and OpenAI announced a multi-year deal on June 28, which will notably allow the AI ​​giant to rely on the media's content to train its various models, including those behind ChatGPT. In detail, we learn that OpenAI will have access to the current and historical content of the weekly's archives for the last 101 years. Integrated into its products, this content will be cited with a link to the original source on Time.com.

For the media, this partnership “is part of a desire to broaden global access to precise and reliable information.” In return, the American weekly magazine is gaining access to OpenAI's services and plans to develop new products for its audience, as well as provide “essential” news briefs. In making this choice, Time Magazine joins the list – which continues to grow – of media and press groups that have decided to enter into an agreement with OpenAI, such as the Associated Press, Axel Springer, Financial Times, Le Monde, NewsCorp, Vox, to name a few. And this despite the context of legal proceedings brought by the New York Times at the end of December, as well as other media, but also artists and authors.


In a pivotal period for the press and journalism (a disaster-stricken sector if ever there was one), coaxing the sector with financially attractive proposals seems to be the route favored by the major players in generative AI, and OpenAI does not deprive itself of it . At the same time, the Californian company has seen its revenues double over the last six months to reach $3.4 billion annually, proof of its success. Let us note, however, that if the provision of quality information to as many people as possible is often cited as a motivation in these agreements, the business model of the online press is severely called into account, and with it the preservation of the profession of journalist.

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