Thunderstorms Lethal Company: How to avoid lightning and death?

News tip Thunderstorms Lethal Company: How to avoid lightning and death?


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Lethal Company is the new group game that’s all the rage at the moment, and one of the funniest elements at the beginning is the lightning that hits you (and therefore kills you) without you really understanding what is happening. Fortunately, thanks to this guide, you will become knowledgeable on this subject.


Summary of our Lethal Company guides

Are you on a Lethal Company planet and you hear thunderstorms in the distance? You will have to pay attention to a few things to avoid a death which could even involve other members of the crew, lightning striking in the area!

The first rule is that when you leave the ship, you must not take any metal items with you. Often we think of the metal objects of the complex, but we forget that we can also bring some with usand this is where disaster occurs.

Another common mistake players make is focusing on items that don’t contain metal, which is a good thing, especially if you’re not too far behind on your quota. but forgetting the keys you collected in your pockets.

Because yes, the keys are made of metal and therefore attract lightning. This is a fairly common mistake on Lethal Company and as a result, it becomes deadly. But what to do if we are in the hard quota level and we absolutely have to bring back everything we can despite the storm?

Pay close attention to the information on your screen

Well, know that it is possible to bring back metal objects despite the storm, but you will have to be very careful. The good news is that you will have two indicators that will warn you of the imminent arrival of lightning.

First, you will hear the storm rumbling, then a yellow electrical wire will appear on your screen. If so, throw the object and get out of the way (remember lightning strikes in an area). Once the object is struck by thunder, all you have to do is pick it up and move forward.

Be careful, because it is rather slow to bring back iron objects in these conditions, and you risk running out of time if you come out too late or encounter night creatures that are not the most welcoming and that we detailed in our bestiary a few days ago.

Thunderstorms Lethal Company: How to avoid lightning and death?

Watch out for the bees when there is a storm!

Finally, the last point to see together is that if there is ever a storm, you must stay away from the bees at all costs! In fact, these are not “normal” bees, but Circuit bees and the latter are therefore partly composed of iron.

From then on, you understand that it is not so rare for the storm to fall on these and as the latter hits the zone, if you are not very far away, you will enter the ship feet first. There you go, you now know how to no longer be hit by lightning in Lethal Company!

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