Thunderbird 102.1.1 is coming soon

Thunderbird will be available in the brand new version 102.1.1 from August 8, 2022, i.e. from Monday. You get the new version of the email client when you switch to “About Thinderbird” within the program. There you can see the current version number and, if necessary, initiate an update.

Alternatively, you can also download the new version from Monday via relate. If you’re still working with Thunderbird 91 or earlier, you’ll have to reinstall the program anyway. The new version is available for Windows 7 and higher, macOS 10.12 and higher. and from Linux GTK+ 3.14. Essentially, the new version focuses on numerous error corrections, which you also do in the release notes can understand.

For example, a bug under macOS that could mess up the display completely has been fixed. Many more fixes affect OpenPGP. However, some errors are still present, such as the lack of custom input fields in some users’ address books.

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