This Windows keyboard shortcut will soon be impossible to avoid

Windows veterans probably know tons of keyboard shortcuts by heart to save time. However, one shortcut will become particularly important in the future: Windows key + C. And for good reason.

Only for Windows 10 & 11: How to start the AI ​​assistant immediately

Ever since the hype around ChatGPT, the topic AI on everyone's lips. More and more companies are relying on artificial intelligence to automate workflows or are building tools that they make available to their users.


Microsoft is no exception and is increasingly relying on AI – also in Windows 10 and Windows 11. For several months now, users have been able to use the AI ​​assistant Windows Copilot use – but in this country this is only possible with a trick.

To start the AI ​​assistant, Windows users can either click on the Copilot button in the taskbar or use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + C.

The Windows Copilot is a real jack of all trades – or at least it should be at some point:

Windows shortcut is an old acquaintance

Anyone who is already using Windows 10 with Cortana will probably know the keyboard shortcut. The shortcut used to open the old voice assistant of the popular operating system. However, Microsoft has now completely mothballed Cortana, so that the shortcut is free for the new AI assistant.


Do you want to navigate through Windows 10 and Windows 11 even faster? Then you should know these shortcuts inside out:

Good to know: Some devices will have a dedicated Windows copilot button in the future. The Surface 10 and Surface Laptop 6 are the first to do so. In the future, however, the copilot button will standard on new Windows 11 PCs become.

An obvious date is the Autumn 2024The next major feature update for Windows 11 will be released in October and will focus on expanding AI functions.