this ultra popular series could well come back, it’s going to be huge!

Netflix could well bring back one of its most popular series, downright cult for some. The SVOD giant is teasing and it promises!

If we know Netflix for the phenomenal quantity of programs that the platform offers, the giant with the red N is also known for ending its series with a snap of its fingers without warning. We have the impression that the series is working, and ultimately no, Netflix cancels it and we are left wanting more. But it also happens that very popular series end up coming back from the dead, like Warrior Nun for example, or that other series continue with a new season even though we thought they were indeed finished.

Netflix plans to bring back an ultra popular series!

And this is what will happen with this very popular series on the platform, Alice in Borderland. This faithful, but also quite free adaptation of the eponymous manga has already had the right to two seasons rich in twists and turns. The ending of the latter was not smooth and, as with the manga, was sufficient in itself. But obviously, given the success of the adaptation, the showrunners and Netflix have planned a season 3. This is in any case what a coded message recently discovered on a Netflix advertisement in Shibuya in Japan, a very important location in the series, suggests. Moreover. At the time of writing, everything is still very vague and we are awaiting confirmation from the big red N. So we’ll still be cautious, just to say.

A season 3 for Alice in Borderland? (warning, possible spoilers)

If a season 3 of Alice in Borderland sees the light of day, two options are available to it. The first, resume the continuation of the manga with the plot ofAlice in Borderland Return which catapults us a little later into the future with a main character who is now an adult and forced to participate in new games. The second option would be to adapt Alice on Border Road, series derived from the initial saga which this time focuses on new characters and makes some revelations about the universe of the franchise. Here we follow a high school girl trapped in the world of Borderland and who, too, finds herself forced to participate in deadly games.

In any case, no matter what is chosen for this possible season 3, the intrigues once again promise many twists and turns and more than tense situations. So it looks to be quite huge and fans of the manga know it very well. It remains to be seen whether all this will be made official. In the meantime, you can still watch or rewatch the previous two seasons on Netflix.