This smartphone game is driving everyone crazy

A newly launched smartphone game is driving a lot of users crazy. Here is the funniest mystery of the moment.

The world of video games has undergone a new and incredible soaring in the number of users and hours to play during the pandemic COVID-19. And it couldn’t be otherwise, since gaming has always allowed us to traveling with the mind and experiencing new realities. Everything a home-confined person desires. And even now that the Covid-19 pandemic is much less critical than last year, many continue to play video games with their own smartphone.

This smartphone game is driving everyone crazy

Everyone has a smartphone, unlike a console or a gaming PC. And theintuitiveness and the simplicity of a smartphone video game allows you to capture even those who are not really used to video games. Well lately a new smartphone game is driving many fans crazy, with an incredible adventure. Let’s talk about Ghost Phonea game launched by Snapchat.

Here is Ghost Phone, the new smartphone game of the moment

The very famous yellow messaging app with a white ghost has recently launched a very interesting game, which many are trying and having fun with. The title in question sees players explore and examine one smartphone found, in search of the secrets of the old owner. Who was? Why did he leave his smartphone? What did he do and above all what happened to him?

GhostPhone, Snapchat's smartphone game
GhostPhone, Snapchat’s smartphone game

To start the game you need to open Snapchat and search for “Ghost Phone” in Lens Explorer or look for a mysterious icon behind the rocket symbol in Chat. From here, so many will start minigames:

  • Crack the password to start the game experience.
  • Find clues in messages and elsewhere.
  • Unlock scary camera modes and look around for different types of ghosts in augmented reality.
  • Pass the levels to find new apps and data to decipher clues, camera modes and new ghosts, but above all find out what happened to Lisa.

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