This Reddit user reveals potential future evolutions of evoli, and they are exceptional – Next Stage

The world of Pokemon continues to captivate millions of fans around the globe, and Eevee, with its multiple evolutions, positions itself as one of the most emblematic Pokémon of the franchise. Recently, a talented Reddit user known as Smilingfishfood pushed the boundaries of creativity by revealing a series of spectacular designs. These new Eevee evolutions now cover every type of Pokémon in existence, providing a full spectrum of options for this beloved creature.

Eevee: evolutions for each type

This ambitious project is not the first of its kind, but it impresses with its quality and exhaustive coverage of Pokémon types, where Eevee was not initially associated. Among these creations, one of them, named Alebreon, demonstrates a unique ability to change types, similar to the Pokémon Silvally and Arceus. This adaptability marks a fascinating turning point in the way we perceive the possibilities of Eevee's evolution, pushing the boundaries of imagination and strategy in the world of Pokémon.


The revelation of these new developments by Smilingfishfood quickly captured the attention of the Pokémon community, garnering more than 2,600 upvotes and almost 300 glowing comments on Reddit. This enthusiastic reception testifies not only to the artist's talent but also to the deep attachment that the community has to Eevee and its developments. Eevee's evolution into a bug-type creature, inspired by the mariquita (ladybug), perfectly illustrates the unexplored potential and excitement around this versatile Pokémon.

The borderless creativity of the community

The realization of these designs is only one facet of the immense creativity from the Pokémon community. From artwork to crafts, fans are always finding new ways to celebrate their passion for this universe. For example, the creation of a table from collectible Pokémon cards sparked widespread admiration, proving that the craze for Pokémon is not limited to the game but extends to creative and innovative projects.

The dynamism of this community highlights that the limit does not exist when it comes to expressing your love for Pokémon. While projects like Smilingfishfood continue to amaze, it is clear that the future still holds many surprises, with every day bringing its share of new creations. This phenomenon underlines an imperishable truth: in the Pokémon universe, inspiration and innovation are omnipresent, constantly renewing themselves according to the imagination of fans.

The future of eevee developments

With the introduction of these new developments, the question of their future integration into official Pokémon games remains open. This initiative on the part of Smilingfishfood could inspire developers at Game Freak and Nintendo to explore new directions for Eevee and its evolutions in future versions. The plurality of types now covered by these fan-made designs enriches the debate over evolution mechanics in Pokémon GO and other games, potentially echoing recent fan calls for more diversity and flexibility in evolutions.


The Pokémon community's unwavering commitment and desire to see the universe expand in creative ways suggests that Eevee's evolutions will continue to capture fans' imaginations for years to come. It's fascinating how an individual initiative can galvanize an entire community, reigniting the debate about the franchise's future possibilities and inspiring others to contribute with their unique creations.

To conclude, Eevee's constant evolution is like the Pokémon franchise itself: constantly changing, adapting and growing thanks to the contribution of its community. These designs are a testament to the passion that drives Pokémon fans around the world, proving once again that the love for these wonderful creatures knows no bounds, neither in the hearts of fans nor in their incredible ability to create.