This is what the original Lara Croft from ‘Tomb Raider’ looks like in real life

Using AI to “redraw” classic old games may now really come true. The pixel-style Lara Croft in the first-generation PS “Tomb Raider” turned out to be a high-definition beauty after letting AI redraw it!

As soon as this effect came out, it immediately became popular on social media, with more than 6.8k likes in less than half a day, and the popularity is still soaring in real time:


Many netizens can’t wait to try it out, and have posted more magical AI redrawing effects.

In addition to the pixel style “triangle” Laura turning into a beauty, the whole body of the fully armed low-definition protagonist can also be converted into high-definition, and every muscle can be clearly seen:


Landscape paintings are also “at your fingertips”. The originally blurry images immediately became high-definition after some optimization by AI:

It’s even possible to directly use AI to refine Musk’s “angular” Cybertruck:

To achieve this explosive effect, a tool called Magnificent AI The super-resolution & image enhancement app can refine images that are originally blurry and cannot see the details in one fell swoop.HD large pictureEffect.

Let’s see how effective it really is.

Super AI details explode

Magnific AI is now directly playable. By inputting an image, a large high-definition image can be generated.

For example, input an image of a man. After optimization, the wrinkles and hair details on the face can be seen more clearly:

The details generated by AI can also withstand scrutiny after magnification, such as the wrinkles on the face, the details of the badges on the clothes and the buckles of the belt:

Of course, combined with Midjourney After that, he will become even more invincible.

First use Midjourney to generate a rough image, and then use Magnific AI to refine it. The effect is no less than a real shot:

The details of the real face are also restored very well, and the angular details of the eyes are more distinct, while adding a little “color” to the characters:

Even the beard on the face can be further refined, and the effect is indeed close to that of a straight shot:

Looking at it this way, a lot of retro games can be quickly implemented using it.

Many netizens are already imagining the effects of Mario:

Some netizens joked that the same things are needed in real life, such as refining my face:

However, some attentive netizens have discovered that the current effects generated by Magnific AI are not completely OK. For example, a diamond (manual dog head) suddenly appeared on Laura’s clothes.

At present, such bugs still need to be fixed in post-production using PS.

Of course, the effects of AI are enough to amaze everyone. So how to play Magnific AI, and what team behind it made it?

The team behind it has just been established 4 months ago

First of all, Magnific AI is not free. There are currently three subscription plans:

Professional version, $39 per month, 200 normal enlargements + 100 extra large

Premium version, $99 per month, 550 normal enlarged + 250 extra large

Enterprise version, US$299 per month, 1,600 normal enlarged photos + 800 extra large photos, free two-hour video customer service support

If you pay a one-time payment annually, two months of it will become free, and you only need to pay for 10 months, averaging $32.5/82.5/249 US dollars per month.

Magnific AI was founded by Javi Lopez and Emilio Nicolás. After four months of development and testing, it was officially announced on November 22 and officially started operation on the 28th.

Founder Javi lamented that 100 people joined the waiting list for Magnific AI within 10 minutes, and more than 6,000 people signed up within 6 hours.

In addition to the graphic magnification tool, the studio also offers a prompt word tutorial for $149 (discounted price: $99).

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