This is what the new Superman looks like in the upcoming DCU film!

Meanwhile, news is part of upcoming Superman movie practically part of everyday business. Filming is in full swing, the headlines are full of news from the production, and new photos are circulating on Twitter almost every day. We also have one or two messages from the set already discussed.

The focus of the reporting around the new film is David Corenswet. The actor will eventually as Clark Kent and has already caused discussions. Fans of Henry Cavill were not very enthusiastic when it became clear that the former Witcher actor would not appear in the DCU.


When is Superman: Legacy coming out?

The German cinema release for Superman: Legacy is on July 10, 2025 planned. Fans don't have to wait very long for Corenswet's debut in the DCU. We now even officially know what the 30-year-old will look like in the iconic outfit.

Brand new photos from the set are circulating on Twitter. Once again we see the Corenswet in Superman costume looks like. Instead of official photos, the focus this time is on images that take a closer look at the set of the blockbuster. Aside from action scenes or dramatic dialogues, there are apparently also interesting details to be discovered in Ohio.

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David Corenswet in the new Superman

The photos do not show Corenswet directly on the set, but newspaper clippings for the film. One headline tells us that Superman is said to have saved 20 people from a collapsing building in downtown Metropolis.

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Another newspaper shows Superman stopping a train from falling into an abyss. You can't really see much in the pictures. No wonder, because in the finished film the newspaper covers will probably only be seen in the background. And yet the photos seem to boost the anticipation of the fan community at least a little.

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