this is the best deck for Kitty Pryde

We already have a new favorite letter in Marvel Snapor at least that seems to be seeing all the commotion that has been raised with Kitty Prydethe card that seems to have all the numbers to unseat Sunspot as our favorite of that tier.

As you will see below in this deck, the possibilities of this last card of the season can be amazing when accompanied by the right partners and, in fact, it may even invite us to play with decks that we already thought we had more than abandoned. .

Kitty Pryde’s best deck

For those of you who don’t know her yet, Kitty Pride It is a card with cost 1 and power 0 whose ability lies in the possibility of raising it back to our hand to gain 2 power points. Be careful, it is a unique ability, so it does not depend on you raising it again with cards like Beast o FalconBut let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet.

Being able to perform this ability once per turn, that means reaching turn 6 with a 10 cost and 10 power card, which is not bad at all and would offer us more power than spending that point of energy to set it free so that Sunspot grow up. However, by itself it is not revolutionary either.

Right here the perfect dance partners come in. The first of them is Beastwhich already in turn 2 will be able to convert its cost to 0 by returning it to our hand without gaining those 2 points but minimizing the energy expenditure necessary to play it.

However, beyond that, what we are interested in here are the synergies. Angela gaining +2 power each time we play it again in its position, The Collector adding a point each time it returns to our hand, and Bishop winning another every time we play it again.


Combining it with cards like Bast to give it an initial push and turn it into a 1/3 card is a good play, but add there everything we can do with the card itself Beast o Falcon when picking up cards intended to annoy the opponent like Iceman, being able to put them back down a couple of times with the right plays, the push even Angela, The Collector y Bishop it can be monumental.

As a final gift there they are Devil Dinosaur y America Chavez to finish closing the last turn by also placing Kitty Pryde there where it is necessary to score, but you are still interested in giving a spin to the way of protecting all those hypercheated minions of cost 1 that are at a Killmonger away from going to pasture.

As alternatives to solve it you have to Armorbut be careful because the current meta has quite the hand to play Enchantress to disrupt our plans and, in a scenario like this, it is almost better to focus on cards that can create even more synergies with Kitty Pryde.

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letters like Hit-Monkeywhich will arrive in the new update and will give us +2 power every time we play a card that turn, or others like Rescue, Shuri or even Forge they can help us give an additional push to that escalation of power. In any case, the thing looks promising, so bookmark it in the token store if it ever rears its head there.

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