This is how you unlock the Chocobos in the respective regions

They belong to Final Fantasy like moogles and cacti – and also in the latest part Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Of course the Chocobos are there again. The feathered mounts carry you with nimble steps not only through the extensive areas, but also to places that you would not be able to reach without them.


Each region in the game has its own Chocobo types, which not only differ in the color of their magnificent plumage, but also have useful abilities. And also on one Chocobo racing in the Gold Saucer Of course you don't have to do without.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Fantastic feather creatures and where to find them

You have your first contact with the lovable riding birds quite early in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. In the second chapter we go out of the city of Kalm and into the grassland region. Chocobo-Bill has his farm here with his grandchildren Billy and Chloe. But unfortunately you can't start riding right away, first of all Billy has a request for you. What you have to do to unlock the Chocobos in this and the other regions and what the colorful birds for special abilities you can find out in our guide.

Grassland region

The chocobo Piko has escaped and Billy asks you to bring him back to the farm. Not far from the farm, the yellow bird is actually lounging around in the company of some wild people Conspecifics around. To catch him, you have to move stealthily and out of the Chocobos' field of vision. Luckily, the tall grass and the stones lying around help, which you can throw somewhere and draw the animals' attention there. If you are spotted, the birds will flee with an excited “Kweh!” and you will have to start the mission again.

Piko! Piko! Sometimes you have to capture a chocobo before you can ride it.


Once you've stalked Piko from behind, you can mount him and take him back to the farm. Billy then gives it to you Chocobo whistle, which you can use to lure Piko to you in the grassland at any time. It also works in the other regions, but you have to unlock the bird riding option there too. In contrast to most of their fellow birds, the yellow birds do not have any special abilities. But they are significantly faster than Cloud and his friends on foot.

Junon region

You enter the area through the mithril mines and come out on a higher platform. From here you can look into a valley where you can also see Gabe's chocobo farm. He asks you to capture the chocobo lady Belle. This is a bit more difficult than with Piko. Belle is also standing around with other chocobos in the area. As well as some Loren that you use as a privacy screen can. This time you use the stones distributed here to flip switches in the distance and get the wagons moving. If the chocobos sometimes look puzzled because the carts seem to move as if by magic, they only become shy when they spot you.

The chocobos in the Junon region are gray and can Climb up steep rock faces. You will unmistakably discover the places where this is possible. With Belle you can continue the quest a little longer and visit Gabe's friend, who is a car builder but is missing some components. If you find and dig them up with the help of the chocobos, he can repair the carriage with which you can travel from here back to the grasslands and later to other regions.

Corel region

In the paradisiacal north-eastern part of Corel you can access the Chocobos if you have them Side quest “Rendezvous in Costa” that the three fashion designers in Costa del Sol give you. In the last part of this quest you have to look for shells on the beach just outside the holiday resort. A Chocobo will help you with its keen sense of instinct. Once you have found three shells and brought them back to the city, you can now use the riding birds in this region. The orange Corel Chocobos have no special abilities. They also seem to dislike the dry desert environment in the southern part of the region; You can't call them there. But there is another great means of transportation available to you there.

Gongaga region

You can automatically access the bright green Chocobos in this valley as the story progresses. First of all, you are required to explore the area, which is characterized by rushing streams and steep rocks, on foot. Only when Cloud and his friends have defeated the boss in the abandoned Mako reactor and the story moves to Tifa, who remained in the village, can you use the nimble birds here. The peculiarity of the forest chocobos is that they eat the large mushrooms that grow in Gongaga, use as a springboard. This not only gives you an overview of the region, but also allows you to take practical shortcuts and open up completely new paths.

Whooooooo! On the green chocobos in the Gongaga region you can be catapulted to lofty heights with giant mushrooms.

Whooooooo! On the green chocobos in the Gongaga region you can be catapulted to lofty heights with giant mushrooms.

Cosmo region

In Cosmo Canyon you get another job to capture an escaped chocobo lady. You will find Aponi not far from the valley with some of his own kind, around whom you have to sneak around without being seen. Here too you can use mine trucks as a privacy screen, but this time you have to move them manually on their tracks. You can sometimes go a step too far accidentally neglecting his guard. Luckily, there are a few checkpoints here, so you don't always have to start from the beginning when you're discovered.

Aponi is one of the flying chocobos with which you You can run over special ramps and sail through the air. Although the turquoise birds do not gain altitude on their own, they can use updrafts. With Aponi you can also take part in a series of mini-games in which you have to fly through a course of rings and achieve a predetermined number of points.

Nibel region

The last chocobo species you get to know are the water chocobos. You can do this through the Side quest “Esoteric Secrets of the Elders” win for you. But first you should find Chocobo Selena; Unlike the previous tasks, this time you don't have to sneak up on them, but rather attract the curious birds. Luckily, you know what chocobos like to eat most. But caution is required during the operation because dangerous plants sprouting from the ground have spread in the area. Guide Selena safely through the course and bring her to safety. Afterwards you can also travel around Cloud's homeland with chocobos. The blue riding birds in this region produce water in a fountain on which they can then even glide.

Equip the Chocobos with all sorts of outfits to make them stronger while racing.

Equip the Chocobos with all sorts of outfits to make them stronger while racing.

With all Chocobos you can not only rush around as fast as the wind, but also swim faster than normal. The animals also have a very good sense of smell: they can roam freely Detect buried things and dig them up. And of course you can take part in chocobo races with them at the Gold Saucer amusement park. Here there are several courses with different levels of difficulty. The six Chocobos have different stats that can be influenced with certain pieces of equipment. You get Chocobo equipment on farms in exchange for feathers. These in turn give you, among other things, Chocobo chicks when you activate stops. A fully equipped set gives you an extra bonus during the race.

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